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20+ Example Sentences in the Past Perfect Tense


Here you find positive, negative and interrogative example sentences in the past perfect tense. The past perfect tense is used to describe actions that were completed before a specific time in the past. It’s formed using the auxiliary verb “had+ the past participle of the main verb.

For example:
“I had finished my homework before dinner.”

This sentence means that the speaker completed their homework before the time of dinner. The past perfect tense is often used to describe events that happened before other events in the past, to show the order of events and to create background information.

It is important to note that the past perfect tense is different from the simple past tense, which is used to describe events that happened and were completed at a specific time in the past, without referring to any other events.

“I finished my homework yesterday.” (simple past tense)

Past Perfect Tense Example Sentences

Here are 25 example sentences in the past perfect tense:

1. By the time she arrived, the party had already started.
2. They had been married for 10 years before they had their first child.
3. I had never been to Paris before my trip last year.
4. He had lost his phone before he realized it was missing.
5. We had finished the project before the deadline.
6. She had learned to play the piano by the age of 7.
7. They had been friends for years before they started dating.
8. The train had already left by the time I got to the station.
9. I had eaten breakfast before I went to work.
10. He had completed his degree before he started his new job.


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11. We had finished reading the book before the movie came out.
12. She had visited several countries before she settled down.
13. They had been practicing for weeks before the big game.
14. I had heard about the museum before I went there.
15. He had saved enough money before he retired.
16. We had finished painting the house before it rained.
17. She had taken the dog for a walk before she went to bed.
18. Mary wasn’t at her room. She had gone shopping.
19. I had lost my keys before I realized they were missing.
20. He had completed his workout before he had breakfast.
21. We had finished the exam before the teacher collected the papers.
22. She had finished her book before she started the next one.
23. They had been to that restaurant several times before they recommended it to us.
24. I had finished my homework before I watched TV.
25. He had been to that city several times before he moved there.


Positive Sentences in the Past Perfect Tense

I had finished my homework before the movie started.
They had visited the museum before it closed.
She had already eaten dinner when I arrived.
We had explored the city before the storm hit.
The team had won several matches before the championship game.
He had lived in that town for ten years before moving.
I had read the book before the movie adaptation came out.
They had completed the project ahead of schedule.
She had achieved her goals by the time she turned 30.
The company had launched the product before the market demand increased.


Negative Sentences in the Past Perfect Tense

I had not finished reading the book when the library closed.
They had not visited the famous landmark before leaving the city.
She had not met her future husband by that time.
We had not heard about the event until last week.
The team had not lost a game until the final match.
He had not lived in a big city before moving for work.
I had not seen that movie before it was recommended to me.
They had not completed the required training before the deadline.
She had not reached her destination when the car broke down.
The company had not considered the environmental impact of its operations.


Interrogative Sentences in the Past Perfect Tense

Had you finished your work before the meeting started?
Had they visited the museum before the exhibition ended?
Had she already left when you arrived at the party?
Had we explored the entire park before it got dark?
Had the team won any championships before last season?
Had he lived in a different country before coming here?
Had you read the book before watching the movie?
Had they completed the project before the deadline?
Had she achieved her career goals by the time she turned 25?
Had the company considered sustainability before implementing the changes?

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