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7 Ways to Improve Academic Writing Skills


While one will gain a variety of skills throughout their life, writing is one of the most fundamental. It is a very important skill that is needed in multiple disciplines from the moment one is in kindergarten to being a student in college or university till they start working. Writing is needed for things like writing reports, emails, social media posts, blogs, essays, questionnaires, surveys, and more. 

For some people, writing is extremely effortless, while some need to work on this skill to produce good content. We have asked a professional writer from an academic essay writing service to help highlight several ways students can improve their academic writing skills

Take full advantage of proofreading and online editing websites or programs 

There are people out there who look down on those that will ask for help when they need it. The truth is, to be the best, we sometimes need to enlist the help of others or use programs and websites that have the information we need. 

There is a wide range of writing tools out there you can use which are both paid and free, like the Hemingway App for example. This incredible app is amazing because it will highlight any spelling mistakes and enable you to make corrections as you go. 

Not only that, but this app will also highlight structural errors, long sentences, and overused adverbs. It also has a readability score, which lets you know whether your content is too simple or complex. 

Apart from the Hemingway app, you can also use Grammarly, which is a favorite for many students and academic writing services. It also highlighted grammar errors and any spelling mistakes one has made, however, those with a premium account can access the plagiarism check features. This allows you to see how original your work is compared to what’s already been published.

If you don’t want to use any of the tools above, Google Docs and Microsoft Word have built-in grammar checking features that allow you to correct mistakes on the fly. Many students and essay writers use the two programs to write assignments and various other contents, however, they are far from perfect. 

This is why many students and professional writing services use Grammarly and the Hemingway App because they are far more accurate and will provide plagiarism or originally report if one needs it.

Planning and structure are very important 

Every time you are dealing with academic writing, research is a very important aspect of it on top of your personal opinions. You should also avoid dismissing the opinion of others to prove your point. To get a good grade, you’ll need a lot of good quality information. 

To successfully do this, you need to divide your information properly to make each part of your essay easy to read, and this requires structure and planning. Making sure your words flow properly and In good order, thanks to careful planning and structure, is also a great way to one-off your academic writing skills.

Don’t forget about your readers 

This is a point that is sometimes overlooked by most students, but it is very important. In academic writing, your main audience is your tutor and a particular professional community.  You will need to avoid using words or phrases they are already familiar with during your research. Fill your content with your ideas and points rather than things they already know. This will save you time and most importantly, save you from using unnecessary words. 

Get feedback from others on your writing skills before submitting assignments 

In the first point, the tool that was highlighted was the Hemingway App. While this is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal, it is also worth getting feedback from your classmates, tutors, or even essay writing services. 

A fresh set of eyes is something that your content might need at times because they will be able to pinpoint things you might have overlooked or missed during the writing process. If your piece doesn’t flow properly, arguments are not clear, too many or little sources and references, feedback from others especially from paper writing services does help fine-tune and perfect your paper before it is handed in.

Write your pieces the way you speak 

If you want to check how good your writing is, many experts recommend reading it out loud. When you hear what you’ve written will make it clearer to you if punctuations were used correctly, if sentences are too long or if the structure is too complicated.  When you write your essay, the same way you speak will make it readable. If you are shy or have problems reading out loud, you can ask others to read out loud on your behalf.

Practice writing and reading 

The saying “practice makes perfect” could not be truer in this case. Your academic writing skills will improve massively if you practice a lot because you’re gaining valuable experience. When you practice writing consistently, your confidence will increase, and you’ll be able to express your ideas effortlessly, just like professional essay writers do

Reading on the other hand will give you content ideas, provide inspiration and help you see how experts use words, structure, and set the tone for their work. You can use what you learn from practicing reading and writing in your academic papers. 

Take online tests 

The internet is a wonderful place for one to improve their academic writing skills because there are plenty of websites one can access. Over the last 20 years, there has been an emergence of top-quality websites students can use to improve their academic writing. 

These websites will have a series of writing tests you can take, and your work will be critiqued by an expert in the subject you’re writing about.  They will be able to tell you areas you’re good at and areas you need to improve in. 

Final thoughts 

There is no escaping academic writing because it will always be part of a college or university student’s life. Students will continue to be given assignments as part of their academic assessment. While it might be easy for expert essay writers to complete assignments with ease, some students find them very intimidating. As a result of this, they will seek professional essay writing help in a bid to improve their writing skills. Academic writing requires one to conduct proper research, provide top-quality evidence and points, proper citation, and more to suppose their argument. One can only get better at this when they use the tips highlighted in this article when writing college or university papers.

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