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Common English Mistakes and Their Corrections


If you want to avoid typical errors and sharpen up your English, check the list below.

We made a detailed list of the most common mistakes in English and their corrections for you.

ERROR: I am agree

ERROR: I said you something
CORRECTION: I told you something

ERROR: Mike told that…
CORRECTION: Mike told us that…

ERROR: If I will…
CORRECTION: If I go… I will…

ERROR: If I would go…

ERROR: If I would have gone to university…
CORRECTION: If I had gone to university

ERROR: A present to someone
CORRECTION: A present for someone

ERROR: to buy a gift to someone
CORRECTION: to buy a gift for someone

ERROR: Let’s have a coffee to that cafe
CORRECTION: Let’s have a coffee in that cafe


Rise = to go up “taxes rose by 5%”
Raise = to make something go up “The government raised taxes by 5%”

ERROR: I am living here since/during 1 year
CORRECTION: I have been living here for 1 year

ERROR: a girl who she lives in Brazil
CORRECTION: A girl who lives in Brazil

ERROR: What do you do tonight?
CORRECTION: What are you doing tonight?

ERROR: Tonight I will go to the pub
CORRECTION: Tonight I’m going to the pub

ERROR: go to shopping
CORRECTION: go shopping


a holiday = a vacation ( a week or two with no work)
a day off = one day in which you don’t work
a public holiday / a bank holiday = days when everyone in the country has a day off, e.g. Christmas Day or Easter

ERROR: almost people in my country
CORRECTION: most of the people in my country / almost all of the people in my country / most people in my country

ERROR: I explain you something
CORRECTION: Let me explain something (to you)

ERROR: I haven’t any money
CORRECTION: I don’t have any money / I haven’t got any money

ERROR: some advices
CORRECTION: Some advice / some pieces of advice

ERROR: some informations
CORRECTION: some information / some pieces of information

ERROR: a new
CORRECTION: Some news / a news story

ERROR: I had learned that when I was at school
CORRECTION: I learned that when I was at school

ERROR: I don’t know what means this word
CORRECTION: I don’t know what this word means

ERROR: Can you tell me where is the station?
CORRECTION: Can you tell me where the station is?

ERROR: In the next years / in the next months / in the next weeks
CORRECTION: In the next few years / in the next few months / in the next few weeks

ERROR: a four hours journey
CORRECTION: a four hour journey

ERROR: a £1m pounds cut
CORRECTION: a £1m pound cut

ERROR: I forgot my book at home
CORRECTION: I left my book at home / I forgot to bring my book

ERROR: I backed to my country
CORRECTION: I went back to my country

ERROR: Are you from England, aren’t you?
CORRECTION: You’re from England, aren’t you?

ERROR: I feel myself sick
CORRECTION: I feel sick

ERROR: I bought me an iPod
CORRECTION: I bought myself an iPod


lend = give (temporarily)
borrow = take (temporarily)

ERROR: I went to home
CORRECTION: I went home

ERROR: I went by walk
CORRECTION: I went on foot


at midnight = at 12.00
in the middle of the night = from midnight until sunrise

ERROR: I came to London for study English
CORRECTION: I came to London to study English

ERROR: You are the same like me
CORRECTION: You are the same as me

ERROR: Popular sports as football and tennis
CORRECTION: Popular sports such as football and tennis / Popular sports like football and tennis

ERROR: women /womens/
CORRECTION: women /wimmin/

ERROR: in spite of he was tired, he did the washing up
CORRECTION: in spite of the fact that he was tired… / despite the fact that he was tired… / although he was tired… / in spite of being tired… / despite being tired…

ERROR: We are used to live in a cold climate
CORRECTION: We are used to living in a cold climate

ERROR: What is he like? -He likes football
CORRECTION: What is he like? -He’s a really nice guy

ERROR: We have to wait during three weeks
CORRECTION: We have to wait for three weeks

ERROR: Finish the report until Friday
CORRECTION: finish the report by Friday

Common English Mistakes and their corrections
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