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Common Mistakes in English and How to Fix Them (PDF)

In this lesson you will learn common mistakes in English and quick solutions to everyday spelling, punctuation and grammar problems. You will never doubt your written English again. If you want to avoid typical errors and sharpen up your English, check the list. We made a detailed list of the most common mistakes in English and their corrections for you. You can also download “Common English Mistakes and How to Fix Them” free PDF file.

Common Errors in English

ERROR: I am agree

ERROR: I said you something
CORRECTION: I told you something

ERROR: If I would go…

ERROR: If I would have gone to university…
CORRECTION: If I had gone to university

ERROR: A present to someone
CORRECTION: A present for someone

ERROR: to buy a gift to someone
CORRECTION: to buy a gift for someone



Rise = to go up “taxes rose by 5%”
Raise = to make something go up “The government raised taxes by 5%”


ERROR: I am living here since/during 1 year
CORRECTION: I have been living here for 1 year

ERROR: a girl who she lives in Brazil
CORRECTION: A girl who lives in Brazil

ERROR: What do you do tonight?
CORRECTION: What are you doing tonight?


a holiday = a vacation ( a week or two with no work)
a day off = one day in which you don’t work
a public holiday / a bank holiday = days when everyone in the country has a day off, e.g. Christmas Day or Easter

ERROR: almost people in my country
CORRECTION: most of the people in my country / almost all of the people in my country / most people in my country

ERROR: I explain you something
CORRECTION: Let me explain something (to you)

ERROR: I haven’t any money
CORRECTION: I don’t have any money / I haven’t got any money

ERROR: some advices
CORRECTION: Some advice / some pieces of advice

ERROR: a new
CORRECTION: Some news / a news story

ERROR: I had learned that when I was at school
CORRECTION: I learned that when I was at school

ERROR: Can you tell me where is the station?
CORRECTION: Can you tell me where the station is?

ERROR: In the next years / in the next months / in the next weeks
CORRECTION: In the next few years / in the next few months / in the next few weeks

ERROR: I forgot my book at home
CORRECTION: I left my book at home / I forgot to bring my book

ERROR: Are you from England, aren’t you?
CORRECTION: You’re from England, aren’t you?

ERROR: I bought me an iPod
CORRECTION: I bought myself an iPod


lend = give (temporarily)
borrow = take (temporarily)

ERROR: I went to home
CORRECTION: I went home

ERROR: I went by walk
CORRECTION: I went on foot


at midnight = at 12.00
in the middle of the night = from midnight until sunrise

ERROR: I came to London for study English
CORRECTION: I came to London to study English

ERROR: You are the same like me
CORRECTION: You are the same as me

  Common Mistakes in English PDF


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