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Complete List of English Prepositions A-Z (Free PDF)


The word preposition has a simple definition: a word placed before a noun or pronoun to define its relationship to another word in the sentence. There are 8 types of prepositions in the English language. If you are looking for a complete list of English prepositions with example sentences, see the list below. You can also get free English prepositions PDF with preposition exercises. Prepositions can be divided into these categories:


8 Types of Prepositions

1. Preposition of time: Generally shows when something happens, happened or will happen in the future.

There are several prepositions of time such as, at, on, in, before, during and after.

2. Preposition of place: Used to refer to a place where something or someone is located.

The three common prepositions of place are on, at and in.

3. Preposition of movement: Show direction or destination in which something or someone is moving towards.

Common prepositions of movement are to, from, into, out of, towards, up, down, round, through, across, etc.

4. Preposition of manner: Show the way something happens or how a certain thing happened or is done.

Common prepositions of manner are by, in, like, with and on.

5. Preposition of of agent of instrument
6. Preposition of measure
7. Preposition of source
8. Preposition of possession

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Prepositions Types and Examples

PrepositionTypeExample Sentence
abovepositionClouds were above the mountain top.
acrosspositionThe cat lay across my bed.
acrossdirectionThey walked across the street.
aftertimeShe is having dinner after work.
againstpositionDon’t lean against the wall.
againstdirectionHe threw the glass against the wall.
alongdirectionThe road led along the river.
amongpositionThe dog hid among the cars.
aroundpositionThere were tall trees around the house.
arounddirectionThey are running around the tree.
atlocationHe doesn’t drink coffee at work.
attimeShow begins at 10 PM.
away fromdirectionStay away from me please.
beforetimeI couldn’t find my bag before class.
behindpositionI saw him behind the house.
belowpositionWe were watching the clouds below us.
beneathpositionShe sat beneath the tree.
besidepositionCome and sit beside me.
betweenpositionThere was a wall between our houses.
bypositionShe was living by the lake.
bytimeBy the time I got there she’d gone.
downdirectionThe ball rolled down the hill.
duringtimeShe was watching me during the game.
fortimeThey were in Turkiye for two weeks.
fromdirectionShe comes from the USA.
fromtimeThe class lasts from 2:00 PM to 4 PM.
inpositionMy books are in my backpack.
inlocationYou can find it in a bookstore.
intimeThe match ends in 30 minutes.
in front ofpositionThe car was parked in front of the school.
insidepositionMy cat was inside the box.
intodirectionShe slowly walked into the house.
nearpositionThe bank was near my home.
next topositionTrain station was next to the movie theater.
off directionBooks fell off  the table.
onpositionThere was some money on the table.
onlocationHer house is on Love Street.
ontimeOur holiday begins on Friday.
ontodirectionThe dog jumped onto my lap.
out ofdirectionThere was a beautiful beach when you got out of the hotel.
outsidelocationShe was outside the house all night long.
overpositionThere was a beautiful rainbow over building.
overdirectionJumping over the snake wasn’t easy.
throughpositionThere was a tunnel through the mountain.
throughdirectionShe walked through the tunnel.
tilltimeShe waited till John arrived home.
todirectionMary walked to the school.
totimeSchool is from 9 to 12.
toward(s)directionThe ship sailed towards the horizon.
underpositionThe cat was under her table.
underdirectionThe whale swam under the boat.
underneathpositionShe was hiding underneath the blanket.
untiltimeI can’t wait until winter.
updirectionI walked up the hill to watch the sunset.



Prepositions List and Examples PDF

Prepositions List & Exercises PDF -download
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