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Conversational English – Greetings

If you want to express yourself more clearly and sound natural, these expressions will surely help you. Enrich your conversational English with these common greetings.

Simple Greetings

Hello There!
Yo! (slang)
G’day mate! (slang)

General Greetings

How are you?
How’s it going?
How’s it been?
How’s everything?
How is everything?
How have you been?
What have you been up to?

How you been? (informal)
How’s tricks? (informal)
What’s new? (informal)
What’s up? (informal)

Wusup? / Wassup? / Whaazzup? (slang)
What’s happening? (slang)
What’s going on? (slang)
Sup? (slang)

Greetings for Various Times of the Day

Good morning.
Good afternoon.
Good evening.

Greeting a Person You Haven’t Seen in a Long Time

I haven’t seen you in years!
Long time no see. (informal)
It’s been a while.
I haven’t seen you in an age!

Welcoming Someone who has Returned

Welcome back!
Long time no see!
Where have you been?
Where did you go?

Ways to Say Goodbye

Bye bye!
I am off (informal)
See ya later! (informal)
Take care / Take care of yourself.
Have a good day!
Have a good one.
See you soon!
Gotta go! (informal)
Talk to you soon!
See you next time.
Catch ya later (informal)
Take it easy (informal)
Talk to you later.

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