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Education Departments That Require Police Checks In Australia


Screening for employment is quite a lengthy task in countries like Australia. The employer thoroughly checks the candidate before providing the employee with a job offer letter. In return, they get the safety and assurance of getting a genuine employee. 

Australia, over the years, has diversified its services in the services sectors. It has created loads of employment opportunities. Special mention needs to be made of the Education departments, and recruitments take place in bulk numbers. 

Now recruitment in the Education department is quite a sensitive issue as the future of the posterior generations depends on it. Therefore the concerned stakeholders impacting the recruitment, overseen by The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, coordinates police checks on the overall recruitment. So the article focuses on police checks conducted by Education departments.

What Is A Police Check?

A police or National Police check is a thorough screening of an individual’s overall track record in the professional field. The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission conducts the criminal history check and provides a certificate to the said candidate. 

This certificate ensures the final selection for the respective job. The certificate is proof that the employer successfully carried out the screening for a particular post. 

The NCCHC or the Nationally Coordinated Criminal history check reveals the applicants’ disclosable criminal history, court hearings, court convictions, finding of guilt, good behavior bonds, and other court orders. 

Here the Department of Education needs Nationally coordinated Criminal history checks for the following: 

-Members of the Councils.
-The long-term contractors on the school facility.
-Employees like Canteen staff, Chaplin, and therapists.

If you intend to apply for a post within the Department of Education under the government of Australia, get a police check nsw from ANCC. It establishes your identity for the employer who is hiring you.

Why It Is Important In The Employment Screening 

The significance of the police check has readily increased in the services sector wings across Australia and other countries. They ensure they get the best recruitment by drawing out every detail of the strangers they recruit. 

The Education department has always been the top priority of the country. Australia’s government spends a whopping 105.1 billion Australian Dollars on operating expenses in the education sector. The spending shows the government and the education department’s seriousness in safeguarding the future. 

1. Identify verification 

By asking for a police check, the employer can obtain a complete history of the employee. The entire police check goes through a scrutiny of the requirements along with the photo identity. 

It is well structured, which leaves no errors for the individual to steal information. The employer can save itself from becoming a victim of fraud. The employer would not allow fraud to enter their institutions. 

2. Security 

As we mentioned, the Department of Education is a highly sensitive sector, and the establishment leaves no stone unturned to ensure the complete security of its citizens. Therefore they have created a strong framework that can safeguard the interests of its posterior generation. 

3. Faster Hire procedure 

Police check makes the hiring process of employees faster than the general procedure. If the respective department takes all the initiatives in hiring the individual, it might consume all the time. 

Getting a police check is very easy. The accredited NPC provider will provide all the relevant information they want. This can safeguard them from getting all the information at a fast pace and that too without taking any major trouble. 

4. Protection Of The Reputation 

Any business, be it public or private, ensures its reputation under any circumstances. Therefore they take all the steps to do their business with the utmost integrity. They take all the responsibility and professionally handle business activities so that their name does not get attached to unethicality. 

Business organizations, irrespective of their size and sectors, ensure they thoroughly note everything to protect their reputation. They follow the same while recruiting people. 

How To Apply For The Police Check For Employment In The Education Department?

The ACIC coordinates with other bodies and the respective police agencies to meet the high demand for police checking services. Do you want to apply for a police check? In that case, you have to follow some of the formalities here.

Step 1: Application 

The first step is an application with the help of a police body or an ACIC-based body. All you need to do is fill up an online application form. You must provide all details, like the name, address, date of birth, and other necessary information there. You need to upload documents like:

  • An item from the primary use in the community document.
  • One item from the commencement of identity.
  • Two items from the secondary use in the community documents.
  • A biometric link confirming the identity.

Step 2: Processing 

After applying, the accredited body does all the processing of your application. After that, they sent you an application to the National Checking Service Support System (NSS). 

The police agency then runs a series of checks to match the validity of the candidate. If there are no problems with the application. The police agency determines which criminal records are disclosable before the result of the final checks is sent to the body that requested the check. This is how the entire processing of documents goes. 

Step 3: Getting The Results Of The Police Check 

Now we come to the final stage of getting the police check. The body that you approached for the police check will notify you once they have the report results available to them. If you apply through the police agency, you receive the results on a National Police Certificate. 

On the other hand, if you apply via an accredited government body, you will receive a check result. The process is quite transparent, and you can be more than sure that the check results are accurate and that you are fine applying for any job within the education department in Australia.

Putting The Discussion To Close

The concerned bodies working within the Education department in Australia ensure that things move transparently. This not only helps them get the required transparency but also helps reduce company recruitment. So if you need to get into the education department, get a police check done without haste.

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