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English Verb Tenses Quiz


Welcome to the English tenses quiz! This quiz will test your knowledge of various verb tenses in English, including the present, past, and future tenses. Each question has three possible answers, but only one of them is correct. You will need to choose the correct answer for each question to get a high score. At the end of the quiz, you will see how many questions you answered correctly. Good luck!

English Tenses Quiz

Select the correct tense for each sentence:



#1. I ___________ to the gym every morning.

#2. She ___________ her homework before dinner.

#3. They ___________ dinner when I arrived.

#4. 1. When you phoned, he ______ a shower.

#5. If you had arrived late, I ______ angry.

#6. They ______ the English course yet.

#7. My family ______ in France for a year when I was a baby.

#8. Jack usually _____ his friend in the afternoon.

#9. They will check the report fully before they ________.

#10. While I was reading, the door bell ______.

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