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20+ Example Sentences in Simple Present Tense (PDF)


In this post, we share positive, negative and interrogative example sentences in simple present tense. The simple present tense is a verb tense used to describe actions that happen regularly, habitually, or currently true.

For example, “I eat breakfast every day.” or “She listens to music while cooking.” These sentences describe actions that are a part of everyday life or that are true in the present moment. The simple present tense is used to talk about general truths or things that are always true.

Example Sentences in Simple Present Tense


25 Simple Present Tense Examples

1. The sun rises in the east.
2. The birds fly in the sky.
3. I eat breakfast every day.
4. You drink coffee in the morning.
5. They walk to the park.
6. The flowers bloom in spring.
7. He reads a book every night.
8. She listens to music while cooking.
9. We play soccer on weekends.
10. The students learn in the classroom.


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11. The cat chases the mouse.
12. The river flows to the sea.
13. I live in a big city.
14. You work at a company.
15. They travel to different countries.
16. The moon orbits around the earth.
17. The wind blows through the trees.
18. The clouds float in the sky.
19. I read 10 pages everyday.
20. You exercise every day to stay healthy.
21. The train arrives at the station at 8 AM.
22. She always sings in the shower.
23. The sun sets in the west.
24. They never eat meat on Mondays.
25. I like to go for a walk in the park.


Positive Sentences in Simple Present Tense

  1. I enjoy reading books in my free time.
  2. The sun rises in the east every morning.
  3. She practices playing the piano regularly.
  4. We celebrate birthdays with a big party.
  5. Dogs are loyal animals.
  6. The Earth revolves around the sun.
  7. My parents visit us every weekend.
  8. The teacher explains the lesson very clearly.
  9. People often appreciate honesty.
  10. It rains frequently during the monsoon season.


Negative Sentences in Simple Present Tense

  1. I don’t like spicy food.
  2. The cat does not like to swim.
  3. He doesn’t watch TV in the evenings.
  4. We do not support unfair practices.
  5. Ice cream does not last long in our house.
  6. They don’t agree with the new policy.
  7. My sister does not play video games.
  8. The store does not open before 9 AM.
  9. Birds do not fly at night.
  10. I do not understand complex mathematics.


Interrogative Sentences in Simple Present Tense

  1. Do you enjoy hiking in the mountains?
  2. Does she speak multiple languages?
  3. Do your friends like the new restaurant in town?
  4. Is the library open on Sundays?
  5. Do you have any plans for the weekend?
  6. Does it snow in your city during winter?
  7. Do they play football after school?
  8. Is your brother coming to the party?
  9. Do you take the bus to work every day?
  10. Does the president address the nation regularly?


Simple Present Tense Examples PDF

  Simple Present Tense Examples PDF – download

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