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How to Avoid Common Mistakes While Writing English Essays – Tips and Tricks


Essay writing is an integral part of the educational process. The main objective of essay writing is to make students capable of communicating their opinions and ideas clearly and concisely. 

An outstanding essay aims to express your opinion about a particular topic. In your essay you should be able to present a few arguments supporting your opinion, and back them with accurate facts and proofs. 

The entire content of an essay should be written in simple words and with a clear tone to make the readers understand it easily. 

However, students often make mistakes that result in unwanted poor grades and badly written essays. If students don’t overcome these mistakes, they will never be able to express or transfer their ideas or opinions through writing.  

The problem is that many students are unaware of common mistakes they make while writing an essay. The nature good essay are and bad essays are can be tracked.

This article aims to highlight common mistakes students make while writing essays.

Additionally, we will discuss tips and tricks and how to avoid these mistakes and write essays capable of impressing your readers. 

Keep reading and don’t forget to share your opinion in comments with us. 

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Absence of a Proper Statement 

The most common mistake students make while writing an academic assignment or essay is missing a good statement. 

For context, the statement is a sentence or paragraph reflecting the writer’s opinion at the beginning of an essay. 

In simple words, it serves as an anchor sentence of your essay. This statement allows writer to structure the essay properly and control the arguments included in the text. 

Moreover, a thesis statement helps writer to avoid a broader discussion while writing the essay.  

A thesis statement of an essay is essential to make the reader understand the objective of an essay. 

The absence of a good thesis statement will only confuse the writer and the reader as well.

They will stay confused till the conclusion of the essay, and the writer may even fail to conclude the essay with a solid argument. 

The best way to avoid such a scenario is to consider the topic and conduct proper research before articulating a statement. 

Moreover, you need to balance the arguments other authors gave in favor of the particular topic with those against it to develop a solid thesis statement.

Failure to Structure the Essay Properly

This mistake is connected to the need for a good statement. Missing a statement will lead to the failure to structure the essay accordingly. 

You should start your essay with useful vocabulary and phrases. You need to divide your essay into three parts. 

The first one will be termed the introduction. It may feature one or two paragraphs. The second part will be considered the body of the essay. It should feature 3 parts at least. The final part, called the conclusion, generally includes a single paragraph. The essay’s introduction reflects the writer’s statement or ideas. 

However, before stating the essay statement, the writer should have an introductory statement (referred to as a hook). As the name states, it aims to hook the readers and help them to read the entire essay. 

After the introduction comes to the body, writers state various arguments, facts, and figures to favor their opinion. 

Start the first paragraph with your strongest argument in favor of your statement. 

The second paragraph should feature an example, fact, or figure to justify your argument in the first paragraph. 

After both these paragraphs, you should explain how the second one’s facts, figures, and examples prove your thesis statement. 

After that, you can conclude your essay with a solid conclusion. It should state the entire discussion briefly. 

Then, as a writer, you should use it to present your case and justify it once again. Make sure that all these paragraphs are connected with the help of conjunction adverbs to present your essay as a continued discussion. 

Inclusion of Plagiarized Content

Another mistake students make while writing an essay that can lead to unwanted consequences is plagiarism. 

In an academic environment, plagiarism is considered unethical, and students who are found to be involved in the act of plagiarism can face penalties like fewer grade points, suspension, and even worse. 

Therefore, it is better to avoid plagiarism while writing academic texts, such as essays. 

However, students often fail to refer to their sources appropriately, which is why they become victims of consequences linked with plagiarism. 

While writing your academic paper students need to be very careful because, no one will care whether the duplication in their content occurred intentionally or accidentally. 

The best way to avoid plagiarism and adequately refer to the sources that you have used to discuss relevant arguments, examples, figures, and facts is to ensure uniqueness using a plagiarism detector

Make sure you use a plagiarism checker with AI support and an extensive database. 

Such a tool should allow you to find sources where the similar content is published. 

If you can clearly see these kind of sources by using a plagiarism tool, you can fix them easily in your paper.

Moreover, if you want to include references in your content, then properly format the bibliography and keep your essay clear of any kind of plagiarism.

Failing to Remove Grammar Mistakes

The use of poor grammar while writing your essay significantly affects your grades. You should avoid making grammar mistakes and using sentences that the leads readers to the absence of clarity in your content. 

An essay or academic paper needs clarity that will make the reader understand your point, power of your arguments. 

The best way to avoid grammar mistakes and vague sentences in your essay is by performing the post-essay procedures, including proofreading. After writing an essay, take a little break and do other tasks. 

Then, after some time, come back and go through your writing with a critical approach to find mistakes. This approach will help you determine errors in your content quickly.

Write without fear. Edit without mercy!

If you think you are still missing something, it is better to take the help of advanced tools for this purpose. You can take the help of an online grammar checker. You can use such a tool for free by visiting: https://smallseotools.com/grammar-checker

Just copy-paste your text and let this free online tool show you the way. This online writing tool will go through the entire content and highlight grammatical mistakes in your content. 

It will also point our how to correct those mistakes. Writing an essay never been this easy before.

Final Words!

Writing a clear and outstanding essay and putting your thoughts on a paper in an academic manner is not an easy task. It requires you to stay calm and face your possible mistakes. We have discussed a few common mistakes and their solutions above to help you write better essays and earn good grades. Hopefully, you will find this content valuable and avoid common mistakes by working on the suggested solutions. 

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