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Prepositions of Place – Worksheet PDF


You can use this prepositions of place worksheet PDF in your classroom activities. Prepositions are short words that show the relationship between a noun or pronoun and other words in a sentence. Time, place, direction, etc. Some examples of prepositions are at, on, in, to, from, above, under, of and between.

Your bag is under the table.
Come sit between us.
You forgot your wallet in my car.


Understanding Prepositions of Place:

Prepositions of place help us describe the location of objects, people, or things. They answer questions like “Where is it?” and “Where are they?” Some common prepositions of place include:

  • In: This preposition is used to describe something inside an enclosed space. For example, “The book is in the bag.”
  • On: “On” is used when something is in contact with a surface. You might say, “The keys are on the table.”
  • At: “At” is used to pinpoint a specific location. For instance, “She is at the library.”
  • Under: This preposition describes something beneath or below another object. “The cat is under the table.”
  • Between: When something is in the middle of two objects, you can use “between.” “The sandwich is between two plates.”
  • Behind: Use “behind” when something is at the back of another thing. “The car is behind the house.”
  • Next to: When objects are very close to each other but not touching, use “next to.” “The lamp is next to the bed.”

Practice Sentences:

Let’s practice with some sentences:

  • The cat is ____ the sofa. (in/on/under)
  • My school is ____ the park. (at/in/on)
  • The ball is ____ the box. (between/next to/in)
  • The book is ____ the shelf. (on/under/behind)
  • The keys are ____ the door. (in/on/at)


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  1. The cat is under the sofa.
  2. My school is in the park.
  3. The ball is in the box.
  4. The book is on the shelf.
  5. The keys are on the door.
Prepositions of Place with Examples


Prepositions of Place Worksheet PDF

You can use this printable worksheets in your classroom activities.

  Preposition of Place Worksheet PDF – download

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