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Prepositions with Adjectives (Free PDF)


Ready to learn prepositions with adjectives ? First thing is fist. Let’s understand what is a preposition first!

Prepositions as a class of words, are used to show how things are related in space or in time, they may express abstract relation and serve to connect the words in a sentence. Accordingly prepositions may be divided into prepositions of place and direction (under, next to, towards, through, etc), prepositions of time (after, before, till, at, for, during, etc) and those expressing abstract relations (by, with, because of, etc).

There are many “small words” in English such as up, down, by, away, etc. They can be used as prepositions or adverbs. A preposition must have an object (a noun or a pronoun). Prepositions are always followed by a noun group :

Across the road; over the wall; down the mountain.

Some prepositions in English come after adjectives, creating a new structure. We call them prepositions with adjectives.

Some English adjectives requires a preposition and unfortunately there is no logical explanation or rule for their usage. We just need to memorize them.

Here you can find most common adjectives + prepositions collocations in a chart

You can download the full detailed lesson about prepositions with adjectives down below as a pdf file.

Download 'Prepositions with Adjectives' PDF that you can read anywhere.

Click here to get a copy. (Download)


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