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Present Simple Tense Examples, Exercises ✅


Read these Present Simple Tense example sentences:

Present Simple Tense positive sentence examples:

I love you.
I know that.
You run fast.
You look nice.
He likes movies.
He runs everyday.
She wears long skirt.
She sends her regards.
It belongs in a museum.
It looks at you.
We meet here sometimes.
We hug each other.
They sell cheap shoes.
They cook delicious meals.

Present Simple Tense negative sentence examples:

I don’t love you.
I don’t know that.
You don’t run fast.
You don’t look nice.
He doesn’t like movies.
He doesn’t run everyday.
She doesn’t wear long skirt.
She doesn’t send her regards.
I doesn’t belong in a museum.
It doesn’t look at you.
We don’t meet here sometimes.
We don’t hug each other.
They don’t sell cheap shoes.
They don’t cook delicious meals.

Present Simple Tense question sentence examples:

Do I love you?
Do I know that?
Do you run fast?
Do you look nice?
Does he like movies?
Does he run everyday?
Does she wear long skirt?
Does she send her regards?
Does it belong in a museum?
Does it look at you?
Do we meet here sometimes?
Do we hug each other?
Do they sell cheap shoes?
Do they cook delicious meals?


Present Simple Tense active passive voice:

Once a week, John cleans the car.  (active)
Once a week, the car is cleaned by John. (passive)

She wears same dress every Sunday. (active)
Same dress worn by her every Sunday (passive)

The professor teaches the students. (active)
The students are taught by the professor. (passive)

Mary washes the dishes. (active)
Dishes are washed by Mary. (passive)


👉 We don’t use ‘do’ for positive sentences in Present Simple Tense. We would just say “I apologize” or “You run” but when we want to give more power, extra emphasis, we may use it. “I do apologize”, “You do run”

👉 We use the -s form of the verb with singular nouns, the pronouns he, she, it, or in case of a singular subject.

He runs very well.
She sings beautiful songs.
It comes early.

👉 For verbs ending with -y, we drop the -y and add an -ies when we use them with the pronouns he, she, it and singular nouns.

He carries heavy bag. (carry)
She cries a lot. (cry)
Mary always tries hard. (try)
Time flies so fast. (fly)

For some verbs that end in -y but HAVE A VOWEL (a,e,i,o,u) before it, we just add an -s, when we use them with he, she, it.

He enjoys movies.
She stays with her family.
It says
She plays piano.

Present Simple Tense dialogue exercises:

-Does Ben get up at six o’clock?
-Yes, he does. He gets up at six o’clock.

-Do you drive to work?
-Yes, I do. I drive to work.

-Does Alice like rock music?
-Yes, she does. She likes rock music.

-Do you have a dog?
-No, I don’t. I don’t have a dog.

-Does Pablo take English lessons?
-No, he doesn’t. He doesn’t take English lessons.

-Our son Tim sleeps in his bedroom.
-Sorry. Where does he sleep?

-Tom and Ron drive to work together.
-Sorry. Who drives to work together?

Present Simple Tense short story:

Little Red Riding Hood is the story of a brave girl. One day, Little Red Riding Hood’s Mother gives her a lovely lemon pie to take to her grandmother. Her grandmother lives alone in a cottage in the middle of the forest. When Red Riding Hood reaches the cottage, she finds the door open. She knocks at the door and cries, ‘Grandma, may I come in?’ Her Grandma says, ‘Come in, my dear.’

Little Red Riding Hood thinks her grandmother sounds different. When she goes inside, she is surprised. Her Grandma looks different too. She knows that the person in the bed is not her grandmother. The person in the bed is the Big Bad Wolf! Just then, Grandma hears Little Red Riding Hood’s voice. She shouts loudly to warn Little Red Riding Hood. A woodcutter hears her cries and rushes to the cottage. He kills the wolf. Grandma is inside the cupboard. She comes out of the cupboard and takes her granddaughter in her arms. They thank the woodcutter and offer him some pie.


You can also download Present Simple Tense Quiz PDF down below.

  Present Simple Quiz PDF

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How I can improve my vocabulary & speaking skills??

Rogéria Letícia

Thank you for helping me teach through these difficult times!


She wears same dress every Sunday. (active)
Same dress worn by her every Sunday (passive)

Passive voice sentence is wrong. Reason: Passive voice is formula Object + am,is,are + V3. But There is no tobe in the above sentence.


how can I improve my speaking ability

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