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Relaxed Pronunciation (informal contractions)+PDF


English language speakers often use words with relaxed pronunciation and contractions.

Informal contractions (relaxed pronunciation) are very common in American English. This short form is often used in speaking and in informal writing.

Relaxed pronunciation is often used in daily English conversations.

Using these words is a good way to make yourself sound more like a good English speaker.

In daily English, we generally pronounce and connect words with each other.

For example, break it, sounds as breakit. (one word)

You may also hear things like: dunno (instead of don’t know)

coulda (could have)
dunno (don’t know)
gimme (give me)
gonna (going to)
gotta (got to)
kinda (kind of)
oughta (ought to)
shoulda (should have)
sorta (sort of)
wanna (want to)
woulda (would have)

In this lesson, we will focus relaxed pronunciation.

Download relaxed pronunciation pdf with example sentences.

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