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50+ Very Short English Stories (PDF)


Reading very short stories in English is an important and effective way for ESL students to improve their language skills. Short stories offer a variety of benefits for language learners, such as improving reading comprehension, vocabulary and grammar usage.

These short stories are written in a simple way, making them easy to understand for ESL students. The stories are simple, easy to understand, and teach important English grammar lessons. You can also download English Grammar with Simple Stories and Short English Stories for ESL students PDF files down below.


Very Short Stories

Story 1: Introducing My Family

Hello, let me tell you about myself. My name is John, and my last name is Anderson. I’m from Canada, so I’m Canadian. I live not too far from Toronto. I can speak both English and French. I’m a student, and I go to the College. I have many friends, but my best friend is Tom. On the weekends, which are Saturdays and Sundays, Tom and I like to play soccer together. We are good at playing soccer, and I really enjoy sports, but I don’t have a lot of free time.

My family isn’t very big. There are four people in my family: my father, my mother, my brother, and me. My brother is named Mark, and he’s not married; he’s single. We also have a pet cat named Whiskers. We live in an apartment in the middle of the city, but we also have a big house in the countryside. We usually go to the countryside on weekends.

My father is an engineer, and he works at the local firm. My mother is a nurse. My dad enjoys playing basketball, and my mom loves gardening. We often have dinner together. We have a large table for dinners in our apartment. My mom always makes delicious meals for us. My dad and I often watch movies together. We usually sit on our big couch and watch comedies. My brother, Mark, likes to read books and listen to music.


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Story 2: Weekend Plans

Tom and Emma are eagerly preparing for a fun-filled weekend activity. They’ve been looking forward to this for weeks. Currently, they are in the kitchen, making delicious sandwiches and packing a picnic basket with their favorite treats. You can feel their excitement as they fill a cool box with refreshing drinks and a variety of snacks.

The plan is to spend the entire day at a nearby park. They have also invited some close friends to join them and enjoy a beautiful day outdoors. Tom and Emma have even brought along a frisbee and a soccer ball for some friendly games. As they load their car with all the picnic essentials, they can’t help but smile, looking forward to a day of laughter, good food, and memorable moments.


Story 3: A Birthday Party

A few months ago, Emily celebrated her birthday with a grand party. She had been planning this special day for a while. She invited all her friends to her house, which was adorned with colorful balloons and streamers. The festivities began with games and dancing to lively music.

The highlight of the party was the chocolate cake, which was decorated with her favorite characters. As Emily blew out the candles, her friends cheered and clapped. They shared the cake, enjoyed ice cream, and exchanged thoughtful gifts. It was a day filled with laughter and joyful memories, and Emily felt truly loved and celebrated.


Story 4: A Rainy Day

Last week, a heavy rainstorm swept through the town, causing everyone to stay indoors. With the rain beating against the windows and thunder rumbling in the background, Mary made the most of her day. She made herself comfortable on the sofa. She had a good novel and a warm cup of tea.

Throughout the day, she read her book, losing herself in the exciting world of the characters. Her cat, Whiskers, nestled on her lap, purring contentedly. Mary felt cozy and relaxed, embracing the opportunity to enjoy some downtime. The rain on the windows created a soothing ambiance that made her enjoy the rainy day.


Story 5: Life Achievements

David has recently achieved a significant milestone in his life. He proudly graduated from college after dedicating four years to his studies. His hard work and determination paid off as he received his degree in engineering.

With his degree in hand, David is now on the lookout for a job in his field. He’s excited to apply what he’s learned in the real world and embark on the next chapter of his journey.


Story 6: Weekend Plans

Amina has an exciting plan for the upcoming weekend. Next Saturday, she will be taking the train to visit her grandparents in a charming little town. The agenda for the visit includes a trip to the local market to select fresh vegetables. Afterward, Amina and her grandparents will head back to their kitchen to cook a special family recipe that’s been passed down for generations.

Amina eagerly awaits the journey, and the thought of quality time with her grandparents warms her heart. The weekend ahead promises to be filled with cherished moments and delicious homemade food.


Very Short English Stories PDF

  50+ Very Short English Stories PDF – download

English Grammar with Short Stories

English Grammar with Short Stories PDF – download
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