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Short English Stories to Teach Adjectives (PDF)


Here are short stories to teach adjectives to young learners and make them easy to remember. I see short stories as a great tool for teaching and learning English not only to children but to all levels of English learners. In these short stories you will find adjectives about colors and sizes, feelings and emotions, personality and character traits and many more. You can also download these stories in PDF format at the end of this article.

Story 1: Colors and Sizes

Colors and Sizes Adjectives Story

The Colorful Garden

In a small village, there was a beautiful garden full of colorful flowers. There were red roses, yellow sunflowers, blue tulips, and purple lilacs. The garden also had some tiny daisies and huge sunflowers.

One sunny day, a little girl named Maryam visited the garden with her loving grandmother. She was amazed by the bright colors and different sizes of the flowers. She saw a tall sunflower and next to it, a short bush of lavender. The long rows of pink roses smelled wonderful.

Maryam picked a small red rose and a big yellow sunflower to take home. She also found a medium-sized orange marigold. She thought they were the most beautiful flowers she had ever seen. As they left, Maryam noticed a tiny green frog moving among the colorful flowers, making the garden even more magical.

Adjectives to remember:

  • Colors: red, yellow, blue, purple, pink, orange, green
  • Sizes: tiny, huge, little, tall, short, long, small, big, medium-sized

Story 2: Feelings and Emotions Adjectives

Feelings and Emotions Adjectives Story

The Happy Forest

Once upon a time, in a peaceful forest, there lived a happy squirrel named Sammy. Sammy loved to play with his friends, a cheerful rabbit named Rosie and a joyful bird named Billy. They always had fun adventures together.

One sunny afternoon, they stumbled upon a scary cave. Sammy felt brave and decided to explore it. Rosie was a bit nervous but followed Sammy. Billy, who was always curious, flew above them, chirping excitedly.

Inside the dark cave, they found a lonely bear cub. The cub was sad and afraid. Sammy, Rosie, and Billy comforted the cub with gentle words and warm hugs. They brought the cub back to their safe forest. Soon, the cub felt happy and safe again, playing happily with his new friends.

As the sun set, the forest became calm and quiet. The friends sat around a warm fire, feeling loved and grateful for their new friend.

Adjectives to remember:

Feelings: happy, cheerful, joyful, fun, brave, nervous, curious, excited, lonely, sad, afraid, gentle, safe, calm, quiet, loved, grateful, new

Story 3: Descriptive and Quantitative Adjectives

Descriptive and Quantitative Adjectives Story

The Busy Market

In a busy market, there were many people selling different things. There was a stall with fresh fruits and vegetables, another with tasty sweets, and yet another with beautiful handmade crafts. The air was filled with delicious smells and happy laughs.

Tom, a young boy, went to the market with his kind mother. They bought six juicy apples, three ripe oranges, and a dozen bananas from the fruit stall. Tom also wanted some sweets, so they got four chocolate bars and two bags of colorful candy.

At the crafts stall, Tom’s mother bought a pretty necklace and a colorful scarf. Tom was excited to help his mother carry the heavy bags home. They also visited a stall with soft toys and bought a fluffy teddy bear for Tom’s baby sister.

As they walked home, they passed by a small park with green grass and tall trees. Tom felt happy and tired but also very satisfied with their productive day at the market.

Adjectives to remember:

Descriptive: bustling, different, fresh, tasty, beautiful, delicious, happy, young, kind, pretty, colorful, excited, heavy, soft, fluffy, small, green, tall, tired, satisfied, productive

Quantitative: many, six, three, dozen, four, two

Story 4: Personality and Character Traits

Personality and Character Adjectives Story

Title: The Kind Classroom

In a friendly classroom, there were many students, each with a unique personality. There was Tim, who was very kind and always helped others. Sally was curious and loved to ask interesting questions. Ben was very brave and never afraid to try new things.

One day, their caring teacher, Miss Lily, asked the class to share stories about their best friends. Tim talked about his generous friend, Sam, who always shared his toys. Sally shared a story about her clever friend, Jane, who could solve any puzzle. Ben spoke about his strong friend, Max, who could lift heavy objects with ease.

After sharing their stories, Miss Lily gave them a fun assignment. She asked each student to write about an adventurous day with their friends. Tim wrote about a brave rescue mission, Sally wrote about a curious exploration in the forest, and Ben wrote about a strong challenge in the park.

The students learned that everyone has special qualities that make them unique and wonderful.

Adjectives to remember:

Personality and character traits: friendly, unique, kind, curious, interesting, brave, caring, generous, clever, strong, fun, adventurous, brave, curious, strong, unique, wonderful

Story 5: Time and Speed Adjectives

Time and Speed Adjectives Story

 The Race Day

It was a bright and sunny morning in the town of Speedville. The annual race day had arrived, and everyone was excited. The racers gathered at the starting line, ready to compete in the fast race.

There was a quick rabbit named Flash, a slow turtle named Timmy, a speedy cheetah named Chase, and a steady horse named Star. The race was set to begin at ten o’clock sharp.

When the race started, Flash ran quickly, leaving the others behind. Chase sprinted swiftly, trying to catch up. Star galloped at a steady pace, while Timmy moved slowly but surely.

As the race went on, the hot sun began to tire Flash and Chase. Star continued at a steady pace, and Timmy, though slow, kept moving without stopping. By the end of the race, it was Star who finished first, followed by Timmy, Chase, and then Flash.

The crowd cheered for all the racers, learning that steady and persistent efforts often lead to success.

Adjectives to remember:

Time and speed: bright, sunny, excited, fast, quick, slow, speedy, steady, ten, quickly, swiftly, steady, slowly, hot, end, first, steady, persistent, success

Story 6: Taste and Smell Adjectives

Taste and Smell Adjectives Story

The Delicious Picnic

On a warm summer day, a group of friends decided to have a picnic in the green meadow. They brought many tasty treats to enjoy.

There were sweet strawberries, juicy watermelons, and crisp apples. For dessert, they had chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. They could smell the delicious aroma of freshly baked bread and savory cheese.

As they ate, they shared their favorite foods. Emma loved the sweet strawberries, while Jack couldn’t get enough of the juicy watermelon. Lucy enjoyed the crisp apples, and Mike’s favorite was the creamy vanilla ice cream.

After eating, they played games and enjoyed the fragrant flowers in the meadow. The air was filled with the fresh scent of blooming flowers and the delicious smell of their picnic treats. They had a wonderful day full of laughter and delicious food.

Adjectives to remember:

Taste and smell: warm, green, many, tasty, sweet, juicy, crisp, chocolate, vanilla, delicious, bread, savory, sweet, juicy, crisp, creamy, fragrant, fresh, delicious, wonderful, laughter, delicious


Stories to Teach Adjectives PDF – download

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