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Short Stories in Simple Present Tense


Reading short stories in simple present tense is an important part of learning English for many good reasons. It helps to improve vocabulary and grammar skills of ESL students. Also short stories often contain a variety of words and sentence structures, providing a good opportunity for language learners to practice using them in context.

Short Stories in Simple Present Tense

Mary and the Magical Forest  (293 Words)

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Mary. She lives in a small village with her parents and brother. Mary is a kind and hardworking girl. Every day, she wakes up early and helps her parents in the farm. In the afternoon, she goes to school to learn and play with her friends.

One day, Mary hears that there is a magical forest near her village. She wants to explore the forest, so she asks her parents for permission. Her parents allow her to go, but they warn her to be careful.

Mary starts her journey and soon reaches the entrance of the forest. As she walks deeper into the forest, she sees many beautiful trees and animals. She also sees a small house in the distance. She walks towards the house and sees an old woman sitting outside.

The old woman greets Mary and asks her why she is in the forest. Mary explains that she heard about the magical forest and wanted to explore it. The old woman tells her that she is a fairy and that the forest is indeed magical. She gives Mary a magical flower and tells her that if she ever needs help, she just has to hold the flower and the fairy will appear.

Mary thanks the fairy and continues her journey. She spends the whole day exploring the forest and having fun. When she returns home, her parents are very happy to see her. They ask her about her adventure and Mary tells them everything.

From that day on, Mary visits the forest often and makes many new friends. She always holds the magical flower and knows that the fairy will always be there to help her. And she lives happily ever after.


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Treasure Map (260 Words)

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Tom. He lives in a small village with his family. Tom is a curious boy and loves to explore the world around him. Every day, he wakes up early and goes for a walk in the countryside.

One day, Tom finds a mysterious map in his grandmother’s room. The map shows the location of a hidden treasure. Tom is very excited and decides to begin an adventure to find the treasure.

He packs his backpack with food and water and starts his journey. He walks for hours and finally reaches the location marked on the map. There, he finds a cave. He enters the cave and soon finds himself in a dark tunnel.

Tom is not afraid. He takes out his flashlight and continues walking. He walks for a while and then he sees a light in the distance. He runs towards the light and finds a big room with a treasure chest in the center.

Tom opens the chest and finds a lot of gold and jewels. He is very happy and decides to take some of the treasure back to his village. He fills his backpack with as much treasure as he can carry and sets off back home.

When Tom returns to his village, he gives the treasure to his family. They are very happy and proud of him. From that day on, Tom becomes famous in the village and is loved by everyone. He continues to have many adventures and always looks for new challenges to explore.

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