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Useful English Collocations List


In this lesson, you are going to learn 400+ words with their 1000+ collocations that will enrich your vocabulary and help you to speak natural and fluent English.

Collocations are the word combinations, we use together in English.

Word partnership or words that are commonly used together in English called collocations.

word + word = collocation

Here are some collocation examples.

-make business
-make plan
-pay attention
-pay a visit
-have a break
-have fun
-pretty well
-quite enough
-all alone
-right now

For example you can say “take a nap” but you can’t say “do a nap” or “make a nap”. A quick shower is a meaningful collocation in English and we can’t use “a fast shower” instead of that.

When you don’t use collocations properly and make mistakes, people will still understand you but you won’t sound fluent or natural at all.

I recommend writing your own sentences with these collocations and take your time and don’t rush.

Common verb collocation lists 👇

 PAY                                       SAVE                                   KEEP

Collocations list PDF 👇


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Nice grammar and practice books for daily and many other scenarios. Good for English learners for sure.


Excellent material, thank you.


Great resource to be used in my ESOL beginner class. Thank you for sharing.

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