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100+ Common English Collocations List (PDF)


In this lesson you will learn common English collocations with ‘have’, ‘do’, ‘make’, ‘take’, ‘break’, ‘catch’, ‘pay’, ‘save’, ‘keep’, ‘come’, ‘go’ and ‘get’. In this list you will find over 100 collocations that will enrich your vocabulary and help you to speak natural and fluent English.

You can also download a free PDF of collocations below. Collocations are combinations of words that we use together in English. Word partnerships, or words that are commonly used together in English, are called collocations.

Word + word = collocation

For example, you can say “take a nap”, but you can’t say “do a nap” or “make a nap”. “A quick shower” is a collocation in English, but we can’t say “a quick shower” instead.

If you don’t use these word pairs correctly and make mistakes, people will still understand you, but you won’t sound fluent or natural. I recommend that you write your own sentences using these collocations and take your time, don’t rush…!


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Collocations with HAVE & DO & MAKE

a conversationa joba decision
a lookbusinessa mistake
a mealdamagea change
a napresearchan effort
a partysportsa difference
a bathhomeworka cake
funsomethinga fortune
a good timejusticea living
a sense ofharma point
an impactwella difference


Collocations with TAKE & BREAK & CATCH

a batha breaka cold
a napa resta flight
a walka vacationa glimpse
a tripa chancea meal
a photoa dancea thief
a showera breatha ride
a testa luncha fish
a riska napa ball
a sipa leavea game
a standa pausea fever


Collocations with PAY & SAVE & KEEP

attentionmoneya secret
a billtimea distance
a complimentenergya promise
a finea lifea balance
a visita seata record
a visitthe peacea job
a pricea fortunea low profile
a salarythe environmenta lookout
respecta distancea secret
a debtwatera memory


Collocations with COME & GO & GET                                  



Collocations PDF for English Learners👇

  Prepositions in English PDF – download

  Collocations List PDF – download

Collocations with Have, Do, Make, Take, Break, Catch

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Nice grammar and practice books for daily and many other scenarios. Good for English learners for sure.

Excellent material, thank you.

Great resource to be used in my ESOL beginner class. Thank you for sharing.

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Nice grammar and practice book for daily and many other scenarios.

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The best of the best.

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