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100+ Useful Expressions You Should Know in English + PDF ✔️


If it is hard for you to express opinion or yourself in English, these useful expressions can help you a lot.

In this lesson you will find frequently used phrases which help you to express yourself; talk about what you think, feel, believe or disagreement easily.

By learning this English expressions, you can start new sentences with confident and also improve your writing skills and vocabulary.

Use these sentence starters and vocabulary:

 Biography
 Descriptive writing
 Diary writing
 Discursive writing
 Explanatory texts
 Information texts (non-chronological reports)
 Instructions and procedures
 Invitations
 Letter writing
 Narratives
 Newspaper reports
 Persuasive writing
 Playscript
 Recounts
 Advertisements

You can download more detailed sentence starters pdf  at the end of this lesson.

Useful Words to Express Your Point of View (Opinion)

You can use these expressions to talk about your opinion and point of view.

In my opinion …
In my eyes …
To my mind …
As far as I am concerned …
Speaking personally …
From my point of view …
As for me / As to me …
My view / opinion / belief / impression / conviction is that … I hold the view that …
I would say that …
It seems to me that …
I am of the opinion that …
My impression is that …
I am under the impression that …
It is my impression that …
I have the feeling that …
My own feeling on the subject is that …
I have no doubt that …
I am sure / I am certain that …
I think / consider / find / feel / believe / suppose / presume / assume that …
I hold the opinion that …(I form / adopt an opinion.) I dare say that …
I guess that …
I bet that ….
I gather that …
It goes without saying that …

Useful Words to Express Your Agreement

You can use these expressions to show your agreement.

I agree with you / him …
I share your view.
I think so.
I really think so.
(The author / the narrator / the protagonist / etc.) is right
He is quite right / absolutely right
He may be right.
I have no objection.
I approve of it.
I have come to the same conclusion
I hold the same opinion.
We are of one mind / of the same mind on that question.
I am at one with him on that point.
It is true.
That is right.
That’s just it !
Fair enough !
Quite so !
Just so !
Yes of course !

Useful Words to Express Disagreement

You can use these expressions to disagree with someone else’s point of view.

I don’t agree.
I disagree.
I don’t think so.
You are / he is wrong.
I think otherwise.
I don’t think that’s quite right.
I don’t agree with you/him.
I don’t agree with what you say.
I am afraid that is not quite true.
I take a different view.
I don’t share his/her/your view.
This argument does not hold water.
Not at all !
Nonsense !
Rubbish !
He’s off his head !

Useful Words to Express Strong Opinion

You can use these words to express your ideas and opinions strongly.

I’m absolutely convinced that…
I’m sure that…
I strongly believe that…
I have no doubt that…
There’s no doubt in my mind that…

Asking Other People’s Opinion

You can start asking other people’s opinion with these phrases.

What do you think?
What’s your view?
How do you see the situation?
What’s your opinion?
You agree with …?

  English Expressions PDF

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