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Weather Vocabulary Words and Phrases In English


In this lesson you will learn vocabulary, phrases and idioms about the weather in English. We form our sentences in English with a simple formula:

☛It is + adjective = It is rainy today.
☛It is + verb+ing = It is raining today.


Vocabulary about the sky and temperature

1. Hot – It’s warm, usually above 20 degrees Celsius.
2. Cold – It’s chilly, usually below 10 degrees Celsius.
3. Warm – It’s mild, usually between 15 to 20 degrees Celsius.
4. Cool – It’s fresh, usually between 10 to 15 degrees Celsius.
5. Sunny – There is no cloud cover and the sun is shining.
6. Cloudy – There are many clouds in the sky, blocking the sun.
7. Overcast – The sky is completely covered in clouds.
8. Rainy – It’s raining.
9. Snowy – It’s snowing.
10. Windy – There is a strong wind blowing.
11. Bright – It’s full of light
12. Clear – It’s sunny and there is no clouds
13. Gloomy – The sky is covered with dark clouds.
14. Foggy –  Thick cloud are close to land.
15. Misty – It’s is covered with a mist, light fog.

Weather Vocabulary in English

Phrases to describe the weather

1. It’s hot outside.
2. It’s cold today.
3. The weather is warm.
4. It’s a cool day.
5. It’s sunny outside.
6. The sky is cloudy.
7. It’s overcast today.
8. It’s raining heavily.
9. There is a heavy snowfall.
10. It’s very windy today.


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How to ask about the weather in English

1. What’s it like out(side)?
2. How’s the weather?
3. What’s the weather like?
4. What’s the temperature?
5. What’s the weather forecast?


Commonly used idioms about weather in English

1. “It’s raining cats and dogs” – This means that it’s raining very heavily.
2. “It’s a nice day for ducks” – This means that it’s raining heavily.
3. “It’s as hot as hell” – This means that it’s extremely hot.
4. “It’s a scorcher” – This means that it’s very hot.
5. “It’s colder than a witch’s tit” – This means that it’s extremely cold.
6. “It’s nippy out” – This means that it’s a bit chilly.
7 “It’s a bit fresh” – This means that it’s a bit cold.
8. “It’s blowing a gale” – This means that it’s very windy.
9. “It’s a beautiful day” – This means that it’s a sunny and pleasant day.
10. “It’s a dark and stormy night” – This means that it’s a very stormy and unpleasant night.


Weather Vocabulary PDF

  Weather Vocabulary Worksheet PDF – download

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