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50+ Common Gaming Abbreviations & Acronyms List ✅


In this post you will learn common gaming abbreviations and acronyms in English.

You will encounter these abbreviations and terms frequently while playing your favorite game. Popular games like League of Legends, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike, and many others use these abbreviations and terms. Every gaming community has its unique terms, but there are also commonly used abbreviations and acronyms that are widely recognized.

When you want to dive into the latest competitive gaming trend or join your favorite streamer in a new genre, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the terminology that comes with it. To help you get started, we’ve created a list of the most common gaming acronyms every gamer should know.

Gaming Abbreviations and Acronyms

Common Gaming Abbreviations & Acronyms

1. FPS – First Person Shooter
2. RPG – Role-Playing Game
3. MMORPG – Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
4. MOBA – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
5. RTS – Real-Time Strategy
6. PVP – Player versus Player
7. PvE – Player versus Environment
8. NPC – Non-Player Character
9. AFK – Away From Keyboard
10. FOV – Field of View
11. FPS – Frames per Second
12. RNG – Random Number Generation
13. HP – Health Points
14. MP – Mana Points/Magic Points
15. GG – Good Game
16. GLHF – Good Luck, Have Fun
17. NJ – Nice job

18. BR – Battle Royale
19. KDR – Kill/Death Ratio
20. Op – Overpowered
21. LFG – Looking for Group
22. BM – Bad Manner
23. KS – Kill Steal
24. IMBA – Imbalanced
25. DC – Disconnect
26. NERF – Reduce in power or effectiveness
27. GGWP – Good Game, Well Played
28. RE – Repeat/Remake
29. GG EZ – Good Game, Easy win
30. GG NO RE – Good Game, No Rematch
31. LE – League Edition
32. F2P – Free-to-Play.
33. CC – Crowd Control
34. AoE – Area of Effect
35. OOM – Out of Mana
36. OOR – Out of Range
37. Dot – Damage over Time
38. PvM – Player versus Monster
39. DPS – Damage per Second


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Common Gaming Terms in English

Burst – A high amount of damage delivered in a short time
Camp – To stay in a specific area for a prolonged period of time
Debuff – An effect that reduces the target’s stats or abilities
Buff – An effect that increases the target’s stats or abilities
Zoning – The act of forcing an opponent to move to a specific area of the map
Meta – The most popular or effective strategies, tactics, and gameplay elements
Reroll – To start a new character or account to get better stats or items
Grind – Repetitive actions done to progress or gain rewards.

Gank – A surprise attack on an opponent from multiple angles
Nerf – To reduce the power or effectiveness of a weapon, item, or ability
Buff – To increase the power or effectiveness of a weapon, item, or ability
Carry – To lead the team to victory by having a strong and dominant performance
Clear – To defeat all enemies in a specific area or level
Juke – To trick or mislead an opponent
Lane – A path or route on the map where players compete for control
Roam – To move freely around the map and not stay in one specific area
Spawn – The location where a player or enemy appears when entering the game
Ult – Ultimate ability, the most powerful ability available to a player.

Buff Bot – A player who is assigned to buff other players
AFK Farmer – A player who farms resources or experience while away from the keyboard
Leecher – A player who benefits from the efforts of others without contributing
Turtling – To play defensively, staying in a safe area and avoiding risks
Tryhard – A player who plays the game seriously and aggressively
Troll – A player who intentionally ruins the game for others
Wall Hacking – The use of hacking tools to see through walls
Zombie Mode – A game mode where players must survive against waves of zombies
Teaming – The act of working together with other players to achieve a common goal
Camper – A player who stays in a specific area to wait for other players to come.

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