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99% Failed This Easy English Quiz – Can You Pass?


How good is your vocabulary and grammar? Test your might and see how good you are in English!

Ready to put yourself to the ultimate English test? Let’s see how further your English skills can go without cheating =)


Her motto is: "_____ words and more action."

Correct! Wrong!

The study of space is _____.

Correct! Wrong!

If I _____ you, I wouldn't go there.

Correct! Wrong!

A fundamental rule or belief _____.

Correct! Wrong!

The police ____ coming!

Correct! Wrong!


If you are awake and alive you are _____.

Correct! Wrong!

Everyone at the office _____ getting sick.

Correct! Wrong!

He is married ____ a nurse.

Correct! Wrong!

If you don't win, you _____.

Correct! Wrong!

I am _____ _____ _____ a new house.

Correct! Wrong!

My office is ___ the gym.

Correct! Wrong!

The heart sees further ___ the head.

Correct! Wrong!

_____ is standard in American English.

Correct! Wrong!

This tastes ____!

Correct! Wrong!

This is the key ___ your room.

Correct! Wrong!

English Masters
High Five!

Your English skills are sharp but you can go further. There is always room for improvement right?
¿Habla inglés?

Well, I don't want to be brutal on you but your English skills are equal to a caveman. Work harder!
Grammar Hammer!

You have an eye for detail and a robust vocabulary. Keep up the good work!
Wooowwww! Perfect Score!

You are a legend! The English language is happy when you are around.

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I like this amazing website….I wanna join in this…

Last edited 1 year ago by Venus
Usep setiawan

Omg! I did many wrong :'(

Nisa nurhidayah

Great quiz. Almost got the perfect score.

Ravi Kumar Peyyila

This is a really good website! Especially the audiobooks, wow i got many wrongs too but it makes me encourage to do well. Thanks.


An excellent website. Thank you.

Mohamed Abdalla

good job there!
I was wondering,If there is any preparation for ILETS or TOFEL?

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