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English Slang Words (Test PDF with Answers)


Slang refers to informal language that is typically used in casual conversations, and it often includes words or phrases that are not found in standard English dictionaries. Slang is often used among friends, peers, or within certain social groups, and it can help create a sense of belonging and identity.

Slang words and phrases can vary by region, age group, and social context, and they can be constantly evolving. For example, “cool” is a slang term that has been popular for many decades, while “lit” has emerged more recently as a popular term for something that is exciting or impressive.

Some common features of slang include shortened or abbreviated words, such as “gimme” for “give me” or “bro” for “brother.” Slang can also involve creative and often humorous use of language, such as “chillax” for “chill and relax” or “hangry” for “hungry and angry.”

10 commonly used slang words in American English:

Dope – Means something is cool, impressive or awesome.
Lit – Means something is exciting, lively, or awesome.
Chill – Means to relax, hang out or take it easy.
Woke – Means being aware of social issues and injustices.
FOMO – Fear of missing out, or the anxiety that comes from feeling left out of a fun event or experience.
Bae – A term of endearment for a significant other or crush, short for “before anyone else.”
YOLO – Acronym for “you only live once,” often used to justify taking risks or seizing opportunities.
Goon – A slang term for a tough, intimidating person or a group of troublemakers.
Squad – A group of friends or associates who hang out and have each other’s backs.
Litmus – Used to describe a test or an indicator that determines someone’s true nature or intentions.


10 slang words commonly used in British English:

Blimey – An exclamation of surprise or shock.
Chuffed – Means pleased or delighted.
Dodgy – Means suspicious or unreliable.
Gobsmacked – Means astonished or completely surprised.
Knackered – Means exhausted or very tired.
Mate – A term of address for a friend or acquaintance.
Peng – Means attractive or good-looking.
Sorted – Means everything is under control or taken care of.
Telly – Short for television, means TV.
Wazzock – An insult meaning a foolish or stupid person.


English Slang Words with Examples

Ain’tContraction of “am not,” “is not,” “are not,” “has not,” or “have not.”“I ain’t going to the party tonight.”
ChillTo relax or take it easy.“Let’s just chill at home and watch some movies.”
LitExciting or impressive.“That concert last night was lit!”
DopeCool or awesome.“I just bought these dope new sneakers.”
BaeA term of endearment for a significant other or romantic interest.“I can’t wait to see my bae tonight.”
FOMOFear of missing out.“I didn’t go to the party last night, but now I’m having major FOMO.”
YOLOYou only live once.“I’m thinking about quitting my job and traveling the world because, you know, YOLO.”
CrayCrazy.“That party last night was so cray.”
GucciGood or okay.“Everything’s gucci, don’t worry about it.”
SaltyBitter or resentful.“Why are you being so salty? I didn’t mean to offend you.”


English Slang Words Test with Answers

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