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Formal and Informal English Words List with Examples (PDF)


Hello to all English learners! Today we’ll have a look at the difference between formal and informal English. Understanding this can help you choose the right words for different situations, whether it’s a casual chat with a friend or a formal presentation at work.

In our article ‘List of formal and informal English words’, we’ve compiled a list of words that are used in everyday conversation and words that are more appropriate for more serious or professional situations. This will help you to communicate effectively in different situations.


When to Use ?

We use formal English in serious situations, when applying a job, essays for school and with people we don’t know well.

Informal English is used with friends, relatives and on social media mostly.

Formal English is more common when writing, informal English is more common when we speak.


Formal & Informal Word Alternatives

Prior toBefore
AscertainFind out
In additionAlso
ConsequentlyAs a result
RequestAsk for
ExamineLook at


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Formal & Informal Example Sentences

Formal Example SentencesInformal Example Sentences
It is essential to purchase the required materials.You need to buy the stuff you need.
The meeting will commence at approximately 3:00 PM.The meeting will start at about 3:00 PM.
We must utilize the available resources efficiently.We have to use what we’ve got wisely.
I will arrive prior to the scheduled time.I’ll come before the set time.
Subsequently, we will review the outcomes.Later, we’ll go over the results.
Therefore, it is imperative to prepare in advance.So, make sure you get ready ahead of time.
Nevertheless, we faced some obstacles along the way.Nonetheless, we ran into a few problems.
Could you please inquire about the status of the project?Can you ask how the project is going?
We aim to accomplish all the tasks on the list.We want to do everything on the list.
Let’s ascertain if this is the correct answer.Let’s find out if this is the right answer.
I need some information regarding the upcoming event.I need info about the event that’s coming up.
The meeting will terminate at 5:00 PM.The meeting will end at 5:00 PM.
In addition, we need to submit the required paperwork.Also, we have to hand in the necessary documents.
Consequently, the sales figures have improved.As a result, sales have gotten better.
The art exhibit showcases the works of renowned artists.The art show displays stuff by famous artists.
I kindly request that you submit the report by Friday.I’m asking you to turn in the report by Friday.
I would like to inquire about your availability.I want to ask if you’re free.
The doctor will examine your condition thoroughly.The doc will check you out carefully.
I perceive a change in your attitude.I see that your attitude is different.
Consequently, our team has achieved great success.So, our team has been really successful.
Formal and Informal English Usage


Usage of Modal Verbs

  1. “Can I offer you something new?” (neutral): This is a polite and commonly used way to offer something. It’s suitable for most everyday situations and is considered friendly and approachable.
  2. “May I offer you something new?” (more formal): Adding “may” makes the question slightly more formal and polite. It is often used in situations where a touch of formality is appropriate, like in a business or formal setting.
  3. “Might I offer you something new?” (very formal): “Might” is even more formal than “may.” This form is quite polite and is typically used in very formal or reserved situations, such as in a high-end restaurant or when speaking to someone you want to show great respect to.


Formal & Informal Word List PDF

Formal and Informal English Word List PDF (download)
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Very Good work I really appreciate it. I wish you could have given more examples. All though Very Good.



Simple and useful English. Thank you.

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