A Quick Way to Learn English Tenses (Free Pdf)

English Tenses Easy!

If you are looking for simple and quick way to learn English tenses, take a look at our list here:

Simple present

Something that is unchanging, general, scheduled or happening at certain intervals.
Add verb S: “verb-s.”

example: “talks

Present continuous

Something that is happening now or sooner rather than later.
Add ‘IS‘ before verb and ING: “Is + verb-ing.”


Simple past

Something that occurred before now.
Add verb ED: “Verb-ed.”

example: “talked

Past continuous

Something that got interrupted by an occasion or a time.
Add ‘WAS‘ before verb and ING: “Was + verb-ing.”

example: was talking

Simple future

Something that will happen later than now.
Add “Will + verb,”, “Is going to + verb.”

example: “will talk”, “is going to talk”

Future continuous

Something that will be interrupted by an event or a time.
Add “Will be + verb-ing ,” “Is going to be + verb-ing.”

example: “will be talking”, “is going to be talking”

Relax now. You learned many things in a few seconds ago!

You may even see now that the last two sentences used simple tenses.

To learn English tenses, you need to follow 3 rules:
-pay attention to verbs
-learn the rules of English tenses
-and don’t be shy to practice

Download this English Tenses PDF that you can read anywhere. 

Click here to get a copy. (Download)

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