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20+ Example Sentences in Past Progressive Tense


Here you can find example sentences in the past progressive tense. The past progressive tense is a verb tense used to describe a continuous or ongoing action that was taking place in the past. It is formed by combining the past tense of the verb “to be” (was/were) with the present participle (-ing form) of the main verb. For example, “I was studying for my exam when you called.” The past progressive tense is used to describe a background action that was happening at the same time as another action in the past. It helps to create a vivid picture of an event or situation and to describe the duration of an action. The past progressive tense is also used to describe a temporary situation in the past.

Here are 25 sentences in the past progressive tense:

1. I was studying for my exam when you called.
2. She was dancing to the music all night.
3. They were playing soccer in the field when it started raining.
4. He was cooking dinner for us when the power went out.
5. The birds were singing in the trees when I took my morning walk.
6. The rain was falling from the sky when I left the house.
7. We were watching a movie when the fire alarm went off.
8. You were reading a book when the lights went out.
9. The children were building a sandcastle on the beach when the tide came in.
10. I was learning a new language when I lived in Spain.


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11. She was taking a nap when the phone rang.
12. He was exercising at the gym when the earthquake struck.
13. The sun was shining brightly all day yesterday.
14. The flowers were blooming in the garden when I took a stroll.
15. We were planning our vacation when the pandemic hit.
16. You were waiting for your friend when he arrived.
17. They were playing video games when the power went out.
18. The wind was blowing strongly when I went for a walk.
19. I was feeling tired yesterday morning.
20. She was listening to the radio on her way to work.
21. He was typing an email when the computer crashed.
22. The dogs were barking loudly all night.
23. We were enjoying the party when the police arrived.
24. You were learning how to play the guitar when you got injured.
25. They were hiking up the mountain when the storm hit.

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