Most Common English Verbs in all Tenses+PDF

You can learn and master 1000 most common English verbs in all tenses.

First let’s talk about verbs

In English verbs are action parts of the sentence. A verb describe an action, state of being or occurrence in different forms.

Verbs has basically three different forms: base form, past form, past participle form. We can add this list also -s/es/ies and -ing form.

Some irregular verbs (like cut,hit,put,run) have different base, the 3rd person singular perfect tense (-S) form, the present (-ing) and gerund form. Their past tense and the past participle forms are the same as the simple forms.

the simple form: run
the -ing participle form: running
the past participle: run
the past tense:ran
the third person present tense (-s) form: runs

The verb ‘be’

There are many different forms of verb ‘be‘. It has a simple, an -ing participle, a past participle, a first person singular present tense form, a third person present tense (-s) form, a plural present tense form, a singular past tense form, and a plural past tense form:

the simple form: be
the -ing participle form: being
the past participle: been
the first person singular present tense form: am
the third person present tense (-s) form: is
the plural present tense form: are
the singular past tense form: was
the plural past tense form: were

Knowing how to use verbs is important part of speaking and writing proper English.

Following list is intended to give you most common 1000 English verbs and their forms.

You can study and master English verbs and tenses easily.

Down below you can download ‘Most Common English Verbs in All Tenses‘ PDF that you can read anywhere.

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