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Idioms and Phrases Related to Countries


Idioms and phrases related to countries often reflect cultural nuances and historical contexts. In this article, we’d like to show you some idioms related to countries and nationalities. If you know any other idiom that fit our list, please share in comments.

Here are some country-related idioms and phrases in English:

country-related idioms and phrases

1. Indian Summer:

  • Meaning: A period of warm weather in autumn.
  • Example: Both the UK and Ireland have been enjoying an Indian summer over the past weeks.


2. It’s all Greek to me:

  • Meaning: It is too hard to understand.
  • Example: I don’t understand what he is saying. It is all Greek to me!


3. A Young Turk:

  • Meaning: A young person who rebels against authority or expectations.
  • Example: He was a bit of a young Turk in recent years, but he’s calmed down nowadays.


4. Pardon my French:

  • Meaning: Used to apologize before swearing.
  • Example: Pardon my French, but he was a total jerk.


5. Dutch Courage:

  • Meaning: The courage you get from drinking alcohol.
  • Example: I’ll have a couple of drinks to give me Dutch courage.


6. Go Dutch:

  • Meaning: Share the expenses, cost of something, especially a meal, equally.
  • Example: She insisted, so we went Dutch for everything.


7. When in Rome, do as the Romans do:

  • Meaning: When visiting another country, you should behave like the people there.
  • Example: I don’t dance usually, but on holiday, well, when in Rome…
Idioms and phrases related to countries


8. Take a French leave:

  • Meaning: To be absent without permission.
  • Example: Is she sick again or taking another French leave?


9. Talk for England:

  • Meaning: To talk a lot. A person could win a prize for talking on behalf of their country if there was a competition for talking.
  • Example: When she starts talking, she can talk for England.


10. A Mexican Standoff:

  • Meaning: A situation in which no one emerges as a clear winner.
  • Example: In the battle over bedtime, the parents and their son are at a Mexican standoff.


11. “Bob’s your uncle:

  • Meaning: Everything is fine or sorted.
  • Example: Just follow the recipe, mix the ingredients, and Bob’s your uncle – you have a delicious meal!


12. French kiss:

  • Meaning: A passionate kiss involving the use of the tongue.
  • Example: They shared a French kiss under the moonlight.


13. Irish goodbye:

  • Meaning: Leaving a social event without saying goodbye.
  • Example: Tired of the party, he decided to pull an Irish goodbye and slip away unnoticed.


14. Brazilian wax:

  • Meaning: A complete removal of pubic hair.
  • Example: Before the beach vacation, she booked a Brazilian wax for a smooth look.


15. Australian salute:

  • Meaning: Waving one’s hand to brush away flies.
  • Example: In the outback, people often do the Australian salute to keep the flies away.
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