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100+ Commonly Used English Idioms (PDF)


English idioms are a big part of everyday English. Learning common idioms and expressions will make you sound more like a native speaker.

Idioms generally do not have a literal meaning. You should get used to the meaning and use of idioms.

You will hear or read these common idioms in almost every film, TV show, newspaper, magazine, etc.

We have chosen only fresh and common English idioms so that you won’t have any communication problem with any English speaker around the world.

Commonly Used English Idiom PDF


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Commonly Used Idioms List & Examples

1. A piece of cakesomething very easy.

“Students found the lesson to be a piece of cake because it was incredibly easy.”


2. When pigs fly something that will never happen.

“I guess she’ll pay you back your money – when pigs fly.”


3. See eye to eyeagreeing with someone.

“Her brother and she sees eye to eye on most things.”


4. Break a leggood luck.

“You have a quiz tomorrow right? Break a leg!”


5. Can’t stand (something) to dislike something.

“I can’t stand bad manners.”


6. Don’t sweat itdon’t worry about it.

” Don’t sweat it – you’ll pass the test, no problem.”


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7. Driving one bananasto make someone feel stressed / to drive one crazy.

“You’re driving me bananas with all those questions.”


8. Get out of townan expression of surprise or disbelief.

“Your mother coming to visit next week? Get out of town! I’m so excited!”


9. Hold your horseswait a moment or be patient .

“Just hold your horses! Let’s think about this for a moment.”


10. A penny for your thoughtsway of asking what someone is thinking.

“After minutes of silence Jack finally looked at her and said, “A penny
for your thoughts, Emily.”


11. Actions speak louder than wordswhat you do is more significant than what you say.

“Don’t give me empty promises. You know actions speak louder than words.”


12. An arm and a lega lot of money.

“This new phone will cost you an arm and leg bro.”


13. At the drop of a hatimmediately; without any hesitation.

“She was ready to go shopping at the drop of a hat.”


14. Ball is in your courtit is up to you to take the next step.

“I’ve made my decision, now the ball is in your court.”


15. Best thing since sliced breada good idea or plan; an excellent new invention.

“I love your idea. It’s the best thing since sliced bread.”


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