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Phrasal Verbs List and Examples (PDF)


Phrasal verbs combine a verb with a preposition or an adverb. This combination can change the meaning of the original verb completely. For example, adding ‘at’ or ‘on’ to a verb gives it a new meaning. Knowing phrasal verbs well ensures your meaning is always clear.

Explore our Phrasal Verbs List and Examples to master these tricky parts of English. Each phrasal verb includes clear definitions and simple examples. This makes it easy to understand and use them correctly. Whether you are a student, teacher, or just want to improve your English, our guide will help you expand your vocabulary and language skills. You can also download list of phrasal verbs PDF at the end of this article.

50 Phrasal Verbs List

1. Back downMeaning: To stop doing something or admit you were wrong because people oppose you

Example: Party leaders backed down after latest protests.

2. Blow upMeaning: To explode

Example: That car crashed into the building and blew up!

3. Break downMeaning: To suddenly stop functioning (used for machinery)

Example: They were on our way to the school when our car broke down

4. Bring upMeaning: To mention something

Example:  She’s still very sad about her sister’s death, so don’t bring it up. 

5. Bump intoMeaning: To see or meet someone unexpectedly

Example:  We bumped into Mary when we were in city last week.

6. Call offMeaning: To cancel

Example:  Because of their wedding, we had to call off our holiday. 

7. Check onMeaning: To make sure someone is okay or safe

Example: The doctor had come to check on his patient

8. Check outMeaning: To pay your bill and leave (usually a hotel)

Example: Have you packed yet? We have to check out by 12 pm..

9. Check withMeaning: To ask someone if something is okay or permitted

Example: I’m pretty sure I can come to party next week. I just have to check with my parents.

10. Come acrossMeaning: To find something unexpectedly

Example: When I was clearing my phone, I came across to our old messages. 

11. Come backMeaning: To return

Example:  I had a great time here. I’ll come back soon!

12. Come inMeaning: To enter

Example:  You don’t need to wait– just come in!

13. Come up withMeaning: To think of a plan or an idea

Example:  She keeps coming up with all kinds of lame excuses.

14. Cut down
Meaning: Reduce the size, amount, or quantity of something.
Example:  I should cut down my salt intake.
15. Drop byMeaning: To go somewhere (usually someone’s home) for a casual visit

Example: I’ll be in my office all day. You can drop by for coffee whenever you want.

16. Drop offMeaning: To take something or someone to a specific place

Example: You forgot your wallet in my room. I’ll drop it off at your office later.

17. End upMeaning: finally be or do something

Example:  She ended up marrying his high school boyfriend.

18. Fall apartMeaning: To break into pieces

Example:  I fell apart after her death.

19. Fall downMeaning:To collapse and fall to the ground

Example: He fell down at school today.

20. Find outMeaning: To discover

Example:  He find out a new way to travel between cities.

21. Get alongMeaning: To have a good, friendly relationship with someone

Example: We are good friends and always got along with each other.

22. Get awayMeaning: To escape

Example: The police almost caught him, but he got away.

23. Get byMeaning: To be able to live through a difficult situation

Example: They don’t have a lot of money, but they’ll get by

24. Get overMeaning: To recover from a negative experience or an illness

Example: I know your wife mad at you now, but she’ll get over it. 

25. Get upMeaning: To stand

Example: Can you please get up? I think you’re sitting on wallet.

26. Give awayMeaning: To give something to others for free

Example:  I think I’m going to give them away. I don’t need these shoes anymore.

27. Give inMeaning: To finally agree to someone’s requests after refusing for a while

Example: Our kids have been asking us for a new computer. We finally gave in and got them one. 

28. Give upMeaning: To stop doing something permanently

Example: Her health is getting worse. She need to give up smoking. 

29. Go aheadMeaning: To start or continue a planned activity

Example: It seems this project will go ahead without you.

30. Go outMeaning:To leave home and go somewhere

Example: I just want to go out and have a party!

31. Grow upMeaning: To develop into adulthood

Example: When I grow up, I want to be a musician. 

32. Hang onMeaning: To wait for a short period of time

Example: Can you hang on for a minute? 

33. Hang outMeaning: To spend time relaxing or socializing casually

Example: Let’s hang out together sometime soon.

34. Kick outMeaning: To forcefully tell someone to leave a place

Example: You kick me out from this house.

35. Let inMeaning: To allow someone to enter a place

Example: Let me in please! It’s too cold out here!

36. Look afterMeaning: To take care of something or someone

Example: Can you look after my boys while I’m  away?

37. Look forMeaning: To try to find something

Example: I have been looking for you everywhere. 

38. Look upMeaning: To search for information (usually in a book or online)

Example: I didn’t know what ‘meme’ meant and had to look it up in a dictionary.

39. Make upMeaning: To become friendly with someone again or forgive them after a disagreement or fight

Example: John still hasn’t made up with Maryam.

40. Pay backMeaning: To take revenge

Example: It is pay back time for all your crimes.

41. Pick upMeaning: To go somewhere and collect something or someone

Example: Let’s go to the picnic in one car – I’ll pick you up at 6 o’clock.

42. Put offMeaning: To delay doing something

Example: I know I should clean my room, but I’ve been putting it off for weeks. 

43. Put onMeaning: To begin wearing something

Example: If she wants to play outside in the rain, make sure to put on a coat.

44. Put up withMeaning:To tolerate something

Example: The neighbor’s dog barks all night long, but I put up with it because they are nice people.

45. Run outMeaning: To have no more of something

Example: We ran out of coffee.

46. Take offMeaning: To leave somewhere suddenly

Example: She didn’t even say goodbye. She just took off!

47. Turn onMeaning: To cause something to start working; to activate

Example: It’s getting dark here; let’s turn on the lights.

48. Turn upMeaning: To increase the volume, heat, or lights

Example: This is her favorite song! Turn it up!

49. Wait upMeaning: To stay awake because you are waiting for something or someone

Example: She’ll be home late today. You don’t have to wait up for her.

50. Watch outMeaning: To be careful of danger (usually said as a warning)

Example: Watch out! There’s a hole on the ground!

Phrasal Verbs List

Phrasal Verbs List PDF

Learn 250+ phrasal verbs with examples. You will learn phrasal verbs easily with these Phrasal Verbs PDF e-books.

Phrasal Verbs List PDF – download 

English Phrasal Verbs PDF – download

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Great!! Good for revision time!!!

This is a very interesting and intelligent approach to teaching phrasal verbs – which are something English-learners have to contend with all their lives! So it’s important to give them a systematic or conceptual or intuitive approach to them, as this attempts to do.

Awesome Conversation English-speaking. Thanks!

why cant I find verbs+ adverb phrasal verbs????? can someone please help me


Tanks fo’ yo’ love I’ve picked up buncha stuff on this website. ‘‘‘Tis a great one.

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