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Difference Between WILL and GOING TO – Future Tense (Best Answer) ✅


In this post you will learn the difference between WILL and GOING TO with examples and exercises.

Will and Going to Difference

When to Use WILL

-Express future actions decided at the moment of speaking.

-Rapid decisions
-Offering help

I think I will buy new clothes.
I will help you.
I will buy a drink.
It will be ok.
I won’t travel by bus.

Used to predict future based on personal opinions or experiences rather than specific evidences. We often use WILL with: I am sure, I am certain, I don’t think, I know etc…

Don’t worry, I am sure you will pass your exam.
I don’t think I will talk to him anymore.


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When to Use GOING TO

Express future plans decided before the moment of speaking.

-Something that is likely to happen

I am going to be kind.
He is going to start working.
Look at the clouds. It is going to rain.


Will and Going to – Future Tense PDF

“Will” and “going to” both express future actions, but “going to” refers to a plan or intention already made, while “will” is used for spontaneous decisions or to make predictions.

  Will and Going to Future Tense PDF – download

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