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Future Tense Exercise Short Stories


Study the FUTURE TENSE with these beginner level Future Tense short stories. You can also download the Future tense short story and worksheet down below as a PDF file.

THE MYSTERY GIFT (276 words)

John and Mary have a surprise for their two children, Maryam and Tom. They are going to have a special guest soon. “Can you guess who it will be?” Mary asks.

Maryam and Tom take turns guessing.

“Will Grandma visit us soon?” Tom asks. Mary tells Tom that Grandma is not going to visit soon.

“Is Uncle Bill going to stay with us again?” Maryam asks. John tells Maryam that Uncle Bill is not going to stay with them again.

John and Mary give their children another hint. “She is going to arrive in about 6 months,” Mary says. “And she is going to stay with us for a very long time.”

“Where will she sleep?” Maryam asks. Mary and John tell Maryam that their special guest is going to sleep in their bedroom at first. Then, she will have her own bedroom.

Maryam and Tom ask a few more questions, but they cannot guess who the special guest will be. “Who is going to visit us?” Maryam and Tom ask at the same time.

“Well,” John says, “you probably haven’t noticed yet, but your Mother is pregnant! She is going to have a baby!”

“You are going to have a new little sister in 6 months!” Mary exclaims.

Tom and Maryam cannot believe what they hear!

Maryam is excited. She knows that she is going to be a good big sister. “I am going to have a sister!” Maryam shouts.

Tom groans. “I wish I was going to have a brother,” he says.

Mary and John  hug their children and laugh. They know that Maryam and Tom are going to love their new little sister!

Future Tense Exercise Short Stories

Story II (117 words)

Who is she? What will she do? What is going to happen?

On Saturday, Katie will be one year old. Katie’s parents are going to have a birthday party. The party is going to begin at noon on Saturday. Many people will be at the party. Katie will have so much fun!

Katie’s dad is going to cook hamburgers. Katie’s grandmother is going to bring ice-cream. Katie’s aunt is going to bake a cake. It will be a chocolate cake. Katie will love her cake!

All of Katie’s relatives will bring presents. Katie is going to open her presents after lunch. Then, everyone will eat cake and ice-cream. Katie is going to have a good first birthday!

  Future Tense Story Worksheet

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I need these stories in pdf form.

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