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Learn 12 English Tenses with 36 Example Sentences (PDF)


We need English tenses to tell people what we want, what we did, and what is our plans for future. In this post you will 12 English tenses in 36 example sentences with their positive, negative and question form. You can also download practice e-book PDF at the end of this post.

English language has 12 tenses and they are divided into 3 groups: present, past and future.

12 English Tenses -36 Example Sentences


12 English Tenses with 36 Example Sentences


Present Simple Tense

Positive Form – I go to home.

Negative Form – I do not go to home.

Question FormDo I go to home?


Present Continuous Tense

Positive Form – She is eating mangoes now.

Negative Form – She is not eating mangoes now.

Question FormIs she eating mangoes now?


Present Perfect Tense

Positive Form – Mary has lived here all her life.

Negative Form – Mary has not lived here all her life.

Question FormHas Mary lived here all her life?


Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Positive Form – Mary has been eating mango.

Negative Form – Mary has not been eating mango.

Question FormHas Mary been eating mango?


Past Simple Tense

Positive Form – We watched the movie last morning.

Negative Form – We did not watch the movie last morning.

Question FormDid we watch the movie last morning?


Past Continuous Tense

Positive Form – I was learning Turkish last month.

Negative Form – I was not learning Turkish last month.

Question FormWas I learning Turkish last month?


Past perfect Tense

Positive Form – Harry had known about it for a while.

Negative Form – Harry had not known about it for a while.

Question FormHad Harry known about it for a while?


Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Positive Form – They had been being playing football since last year.

Negative Form – They had not been being playing football since last year.

Question FormHad they been being playing football since last year?


Future Simple Tense

Positive Form – We will go to home.

Negative Form – We will not go to home.

Question FormWill we go to home?


Future Continuous Tense

Positive Form – They will be waiting you.

Negative Form – They will not be waiting you.

Question FormWill they be waiting you?


Future Perfect Tense

Positive Form – By next week, I will have finished this work.

Negative Form – By next week, I will not have finished this work.

Question Form – Will I have finished this work, by next week?


Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Positive Form – I will have been studying on Monday.

Negative Form – I will not have been studying on Monday.

Question FormWill I have been studying on Monday?


You can download 12 English Tenses down below. In this free PDF file you will find 12 English tenses chart, explanation, examples and signal words.

  English Tenses PDF – (download)

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