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20+ Example Sentences in Simple Past Tense


Here you can find 20+ example sentences in simple past tense. The simple past tense is a verb tense used to describe a completed action that happened in the past. It is formed by using the past tense form of the verb. For example, “I visited my grandparents last weekend.” The simple past tense is used to talk about actions or events that happened at a specific time in the past and have now been completed.

It is also used to describe past habits, states, or situations. The time when the action took place is often indicated by time expressions such as “yesterday,” “last week,” “when I was a child,” etc.

Example Sentences in Simple Past Tense


Here are 25 sentences in the simple past tense:

1. I visited my grandparents last weekend.
2. She played the piano beautifully.
3. They went on a road trip.
4. He read a novel in one day.
5. The birds sang loudly in the morning.
6. The rain stopped falling in the afternoon.
7. We watched a movie last night.
8. You finished the book in two days.
9. The children built a sandcastle on the beach.
10. I learned a new language last year.

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11. She took a nap in the afternoon.
12. He exercised at the gym yesterday.
13. The sun shone brightly all day.
14. The flowers bloomed in the garden.
15. We planned our vacation last month.
16. You waited for your friend for an hour.
17. They played video games all night.
18. The wind blew strongly in the evening.
19. I felt tired yesterday.
20. She listened to the radio on her way to work.
21. He typed an email in the morning.
22. The dogs barked loudly all day.
23. We enjoyed the party last night.
24. You learned how to play the guitar last year.
25. They hiked up the mountain yesterday.

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Mr Nigel G Parsons

Lessons in American past tenses. In English #10 would be “I learnt a new language last year.

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