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Popular English Prefixes with Meaning and Examples


Prefix is a word part, added in front of a base word to change the meaning of the root word. Here you can find popular English prefixes with meaning and examples.

For example let’s take the word “kind” as our root word. When we add prefix “un” to our base word, we get a new word “unkind” which means not kind.

Keep in mind the sound that comes before a root word is called a prefix. When we add a prefix, it changes the meaning of the word.


disnotdisappear, displace, disallow,dislike
unoppositeunable, unhappy, undo, undress
hyperabovehyperactive, hyperspace, hypersensitive
ento put intoencrypt, enable, enlighten, enlarge
anti-againstantifreeze, antisocial, antidepressant, anticipate
bitwobinoculars, bicycle, bisexual
postafterpostmodern, postpone, posterity
microsmallmicroscope, microfilm, microbiology
cowithco-worker, co-operation, co-pilot, coexist
superabovesupernova, supernatural, superstar, supervise
subundersubmerge, submarine,subscribe, subtitle
defromdebug, defrost, depart, deport
semihalfsemicircle, semiconscious, semi-final
emcause toembrace, embed, empower, embody
unioneunicycle, unilateral, universal, uniform
forebeforeforesee, foreword, forecast
nonnotnonsense, non-stop, nonverbal
trithreetriangle, trilogy, tripod, trio
prebeforeprefix, preview, premade, preload
monoonemonotone, monolithic, monopoly
extramore thanextracurricular, extraordinary
thermheatthermometer, thermostat
circumaroundcircumstance, circumvent
transacrosstransatlantic, transfer, transcribe
miswrongmisinform, mislead, misfit, mishear
midmiddlemidlife, midway, midnight, mid-west
innotinvalid, invisible, incapable, insane, inhuman
omniallomnibus, omnipotent, omnivore
inter-, intrabetweeninteract, intergalactic, intermediate
im withoutimpossible, immature, implant, improve
homosamehomophone, homoplastic
macrolargemacroeconomics, macrofossil
parabesideparanormal, paradox, paramedic
infrabelowinfrastructure, infrasonic, infrared
probeforeproactive, profess, produce
reagainrecall, recycle, recover, redo, reaction
malbadmalfunction, malicious
percompletelypercent, perfect, percussion
exout ofex-center, ex-husband, exclusive


Most Common Prefixes

Common English Prefixes


Prefixes with Verb, Adjectives & Nouns PDF

Prefixes List PDF – (download)
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