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English Story Books for Beginners (Level 2-3-4)


Improve your English with these downloadable English story books for beginners. There are level 2 and level 3 books for readers.

Level 2 English story books are with longer sentences and simple dialogues.

You will get more dialogues, different point of views with multi-syllable and compound words in level 3 English story books.

These classic story books will enrich your English and teach you many new words.

If you are an intermediate, advanced (A2,B1, B2,C1) English speaker, these English story books are perfect for you.

English Story Books


MOBY DICK (Level 2)

  Download Moby Dick PDF


ROBIN HOOD (Level 2)

  Download Robin Hood PDF



  Download British Life PDF

STARGATE (Level 3)

  Download Stargate PDF


ROMEO and JULIET (Level 3)

  Download Romeo and Juliet PDF


Gulliver’s Travels (Level 4)

  Gulliver’S Travels PDF – download

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