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Prepositions With Verbs List (PDF)


Which preposition do you need after a verb? Check this verbs and prepositions list.

You can use prepositions after a verb. In English, many verbs are followed by one specific preposition. It is important to learn those verb+preposition collocations, combinations.

Here you can learn most commonly used verb + preposition pairs in English. Also you can get free prepositions with verbs PDF down below.

Most commonly used prepositions after verbs


“He listens to rock music.” (Correct — the prepositional verb is not separated, and the object comes directly after the preposition.)

He listens rock music .” (Incorrect — the verb listens requires a preposition to connect to its object, rock music.)

As you can use certain verbs need prepositions in order to connect to their objects. (Listen To)

Verbs With Prepositions List A-Z


You can also download verb+prepositions pdf down below.

  Verb Prepositions PDF


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Great and best efforts. Keep it up. It is very useful for students.

Can i get english grammar pdf file. This is so easy to learn. Thank u.


Very Use Full good Idea


Thank you so much for this website.


Very helpful. Thank you so much

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