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Prepositions With Verbs List & Examples (PDF)


In English, many verbs are followed by one specific preposition. These combinations are called prepositional verbs. It is important to learn those verb+preposition collocations, combinations.

For example:

He listens to rock music.” (Correct — the prepositional verb is not separated, and the object comes directly after the preposition.)
He listens rock music .” (Incorrect — the verb “listens” requires a preposition to connect to its object, rock music.)

As you can see certain verbs need prepositions in order to connect to their objects. (Listen To)

Here you can find a list of the most common verb-preposition pairs with examples. You can also download a free PDF of prepositions with verbs below.


Verbs + Prepositions Examples

Ask Forto request somethingI didn’t ask for your help!
Believe Into feel confident about somethingDo you believe in angels?
Break Into enter a place illegallyShe broke in my room yesterday.
Break Upto separate or dissolveThey broke up recently.
Call Backto call someone againI will call you back soon.
Care Forto nurture or take care ofDo you care for your health?
Dress Upto wear formal clothesYou should dress up before the ceremony.
Fall Downto fall to the groundIt will fall down soon.
Go Awayto move or travel from one placeDon’t talk to me. Go away please.
Hold Onto wait for a short timeCan you hold on for a second?
Look Atto divert your eyes to somethingLook at this beautiful picture.


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Verb + Preposition List A-Z

Verbs With Prepositions 1
Verbs With Prepositions List 2

You can also download verb+prepositions pdf down below. In this PDF you will find common verb + preposition combinations such as Verb + for, Verb + to, Verb + about, Verb + with, Verb + of, Verb + in, Verb + at, Verb + on, Verb + from.

  Verbs With Prepositions PDF – download

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