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Other Ways to Say YOU’RE WELCOME in English ✔


Need a replacement for you’re welcome? Check these alternative YOU’RE WELCOME expressions in English for different situations. Enrich your daily conversations with these useful synonyms.

Personally I use these expressions a lot in my daily conversations for you’re welcome situations: forget it ,  it’s nothing,  my pleasure,  no problem , no worries, not at all.

In you find yourself repetitive and constantly using same expression, you might be surprised there are many alternative ways to say you’re welcome in the English language.

Here you can find many other ways to say this common English expression.

1. Forget it.
2. You’re very / truly welcome.
3. Anything for you / the team
4. Anything to make you happy/smile.
5. Anytime.
6. At your service.
7. By all means.
8. Certainly.
9. Don’t mention it.
10. Don’t worry about it.
11. Glad to have helped.
12. Glad to help.
13. I’ve got your back.
14. I am very pleased!
15. I’m happy to help you.
16. It is / was my pleasure.
17. It is / was nothing.
18. It’s alright.
19. It’s my duty.
20. It’s my pleasure to help you.
21. It’s okay.
22. Mention it.
23. My pleasure.
24. Never mention.
25. No big deal.
26. No problem.
27. No worries.
28. Not a problem.
29. Not at all.
30. Of course.
31. Oh anytime.
32. Oh, it was the least I could do.
33. Sure thing.
34. Sure!
35. Thank you for giving me a chance to do this.
36. That’s absolutely fine.
37. That’s all right!
38. That’s OK.
39. Think nothing of it.
40. With pleasure.
41. You’d do the same for me.
42. You got it.
43. You would’ve done the same for me.
44. Glad to be of any assistance.
45. I thank you.
46. The pleasure is all mine
47. Just ask, any time I can help.
48. Certainly; let me know anytime I can help.
49. It’s never a chore.
50. You’ve got it (or you got it).

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Very beneficial resources to make my lesson plans and study more to fill up my needs. Thank you so much.

This very useful and easy to understand and learning.
This is also good for children. Thanks.

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