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Vocabulary Books for IELTS Exam – PDF


The IELTS exam is a big deal for those aiming to explore opportunities in English-speaking countries. To do well in this test, having a good vocabulary is super important. Why? Because words help you in reading, writing, listening, and speaking – basically, in everything you do in the IELTS exam.

Achieving a high score in the IELTS exam requires not only strong language skills but also a rich and varied vocabulary. Our carefully curated vocabulary book provides you with a comprehensive collection of words and phrases specifically chosen to elevate your writing and speaking abilities.

Don’t miss the opportunity to supercharge your IELTS preparation. Download our IELTS Vocabulary Book PDF & 63 Vocabulary Genres for IELTS and embark on a journey to maximize your score. Elevate your language skills, boost your confidence, and confidently face the IELTS exam with the right words at your disposal.

Download IELTS vocabulary PDF books and vocabulary test below.


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50 words that are beneficial for the IELTS exam

WordDefinitionExample Sentence
AcademicRelating to education and learningAcademic writing requires a formal tone and proper structure.
BandA score in IELTS ranging from 1 to 9He achieved a Band 8 in the IELTS exam.
CohesiveUnited and well-connectedA cohesive essay flows smoothly from one idea to the next.
DictionChoice of wordsCareful diction is crucial in achieving clarity in writing.
ElaborateTo give more details or informationCan you elaborate on this point in your essay?
FluencySmooth and natural speech or writingAchieving fluency is important in the speaking and writing tasks.
GlobalizationThe process of becoming worldwideGlobalization has impacted cultures around the world.
HighlightTo emphasize or draw attention toIt’s essential to highlight key points in your summary.
IntegrateTo combine or mergeTry to integrate relevant vocabulary into your sentences.
JuxtaposeTo place side by side for comparisonJuxtapose the advantages and disadvantages in your essay.
KeywordsImportant words in a text or subjectIdentify keywords in the question to answer it effectively.
Lexical ResourceA range of vocabulary used by a personImproving your lexical resource enhances your language skills.
ModulateTo vary or adjustModulate your voice appropriately in the speaking test.
NuanceA subtle difference or variationUnderstanding the nuance of words is crucial in reading tasks.
ObjectiveNot influenced by personal feelings or opinionsAcademic writing should be objective and impartial.
ParaphraseTo restate in different wordsParaphrasing is a useful skill in the reading and writing tasks.
QuotientA degree or amount of a quality or characteristicA high vocabulary quotient contributes to a better score.
ReiterateTo repeat or say againIt’s essential to reiterate your main points in the conclusion.
SynthesizeTo combine different elements into a wholeSynthesize information from multiple sources in your essay.
ToneThe attitude of the writer or speakerChoose a tone that suits the purpose of your writing.
UtilizeTo make use of or applyUtilize relevant examples to support your arguments.
VariedShowing diversity or different elementsUse varied sentence structures to enhance your writing.
WidespreadHappening or existing in many placesThe issue of climate change is widespread and urgent.
XenophobiaDislike of or prejudice against people from other countriesAddressing xenophobia is essential for global unity.
YieldTo produce or provideThe experiment did not yield the expected results.
ZealousShowing enthusiasm or passionDisplay a zealous attitude towards improving your language skills.


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