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Top 5 Universities in Australia for International Students


As far as the career is concerned, every student will always have that one dream; to study up to a certain level. There are varied options when it comes to meeting career goals. For instance, studying in another country is every student’s dream. Australia is one of the best places with the best universities students can opt to go and study up to higher heights. But then, what is that one thing that will determine the best university in Australia? What if to buy an assignment online when dealing with academic papers? How can a student choose a suitable university to meet their education requirements? If you are pondering on the next university you should consider in Australia, then keep reading this article as we highlight some of the best universities you can choose. 

Top University Choices in Australia

University of Melbourne

As a public institute, the university, whose main site is the Parkville campus started in 1853, and up to date, it has seven branches (campuses) across Melbourne and areas adjacent to Victoria, Austria. Both graduate and undergraduate students can enroll in the school and continue with their desired careers.  If you are an undergraduate student, you can opt for music, fine arts, environment, design, commerce, biomedicine, arts, agriculture, oral health, and science degree options. One thing you will love about the institute is that it has about five research institute centers that simplify the whole research process. 

One major achievement of the institute is the cochlear implant, developed in 1970 by researchers. This is an electronic device that helps to restore sound to people with hearing difficulties. 


Monash University

Founded in 1958, Monash University, which was named after Sir Jon Monash, an engineer, military leader, and public administrator, happens to be Australia’s largest institution. 

The institute offers 6000 plus courses from 10 different faculties. If you are a student hoping to major in science, pharmacy & pharmaceutical sciences, nursing & health sciences, medicine, law, information technology, engineering, education, economics, business, arts, design & architecture, or arts, then Monash University should be your next consideration. 

Monash university has international campuses in China, India, Italy, and Malaysia and different campuses in Australia across Victorian and Austria. 


University of Queensland

With approximately 12000 international students from about 141 countries, the University of Queensland is the next best university in Australia, located inner Brisbane of St Lucia. The university has two other campuses with 40 research institutes to aid in the research processes.  Being one of Australia’s largest PhD. Cohosts, the University of Queensland has about 13,800 postgraduates, with more students coming from overseas.


University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is among the oldest Australian university, which started in 1851. The institute has about 46000 students from about 134 nations. It is located in New South Wales – a southeastern Australian state. 

The best aspect of the institute is its central location and other campuses & research institutes founded in parts of Sydney and areas near Austria. Students can easily find accommodation on the university’s campuses. Of course, tuition charges depend on the course, and international students have to pay higher. With over 90 research centers recognized globally, the university of Sydney might be your next top choice to study in Australia. 


Australian National University

Located in Canberra, Austria’s capital city, Australian National University started in 1946 as a postgraduate research center by Australia’s parliament.  The institute has several partnerships with international universities, including the National University of Singapore, ETH Zurich, the University of Oxford, and Yale University. This makes it possible for international students to blend in and study effectively through partnership programs. 



Are you a student aspiring to elevate your career by studying in Australia? You might need to consider the above university choices for your course.

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