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Words To Use Instead Of ‘VERY’ in English


Very hot, very clean but it also –very– boring!  Instead of ‘very’ you can use many other powerful words.

One of the biggest challenges in English learning is avoiding the repetition.

We prepared this chart to show you, a simple yet fruitful way to enhance your vocabulary!

Here is a list of words you can use instead of adding ‘very’ to every adjectives.

Very beautiful … gorgeous, stunning, ravishing
Very angry … furious, irate, incensed

Very loud … deafening, earsplitting, thunderous
Very tired … exhausted, fatigued, weary

Very happy … ecstatic, elated, euphoric
Very sad … despondent, depressed, crestfallen

Very confused … perplexed, confounded, baffled
Very big … massive, colossal, gigantic

Very small … tiny, minuscule, teeny
Very bad … awful, terrible, horrible, horrid

Very good … fantastic, sensational, terrific, superb
Very exciting … exhilarating, thrilling, breathtaking

Very old … ancient, antique, venerable
Very smart … intelligent, exceptional, brilliant

Very weak … frail, feeble, fragile
Very strong … powerful, forceful, stalwart

Very tall … towering, imposing
Very clean … spotless, immaculate, pristine

Very afraid … terrified, petrified
Very clear … apparent, obvious, crystal clear

Very busy … swamped, overwhelmed
Very dangerous … perilous, hazardous, pedestrian

Very friendly … affable, amiable, warmhearted
Very heavy … weighty, hefty, massive

Very light … featherlight, weightless, airy
Very wise … sage, sagacious, enlighted

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