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How to Improve Your English Pronunciation


So you want to learn how to improve your English pronunciation?

Have you been learning English for a long time however still having difficulties to to understand other English learners? Have you been taking English lessons for a long time but can’t see much improvement in your English speaking abilities? Do you struggle and make mistakes when you need to speak English with native speakers? Do you feel lost and confused when listening to people talk in English? Are you uncomfortable about your pronunciation or worried you talk too slowly?

There are so many websites, English teachers, books that try to show you “the best tips for English pronunciation“.

In this lesson, we will provide you some simple idea, tips and resources that you will be able to use in your daily life easily.

Everyone has a different aim to speak English fluently. There is no short cut to make you learn English in a day. You need to set goals and stick your plan to improve your English language skills.

Think about what your aim is…

Do you want to travel to the United Kingdom or USA?
Do you want to get a job where you speak English every day?
Do you want to pass the IELTS, TOEIC or TOEFL exam?

With more practice the better you will improve your English skills. Some people think that one can not become fluent English speaker without living in an English speaking country. This is not entirely true. There are many online opportunities, apps that you can practice online and improve your English without living your city.



Make an Audio Journal or Vlog in English

You could record yourself speaking English everyday. Find a topic and don’t be shy.

Memorize Everyday Sentences not just Words

Focus everyday phrases, commonly used English sentences and how to pronounce them. By learning complete phrases, you also will able to speak faster.

Find Someone to Speak English to

There are many people who are looking for English practice friends online. find a friend, don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Copy Other People

Listen English TV and radio programs. Watch movies in English and try to take notes, and use them in your conversations.

Sing a Song in English

There are many great songs written in English language. Try to learn words of a popular English song and sing along.

Download ELSA app (virtual pronunciation coach)

ELSA finds your pronunciation mistakes and helps you to correct them. You can keep improving your English with ELSA APP 24/7. ELSA is also great way to reach your IELTS speaking exam. You can easily get band 7 and above with a proper work.

ELSA is offering a great discount to our readers. Get your ELSA Speak App here with special discount now.

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