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How to Use GET Correctly – Most Common Uses of the Verb GET

If you want to learn how to use the verb get correctly and become familiar with most common uses of it, check the list below. For most English language learners,the verb “get” can be a puzzle. Because you can use it in so many ways in your daily conversations. You can also see it in nearly every dialogue and conversation of native speakers.

The goal of this lesson is to give you a general understanding of different meanings and usage of the verb “get”. Check all examples and become familiar with the various uses and learn how to use “get” perfectly. When you write in a formal context, we don’t recommend using ‘get’ because it sounds quite informal. In your essays and formal writings, use the more traditional verbs.

Tip: Got is the past tense and past participle of → get!


arriveI got home later than usual yesterday.
receiveHe got a car for his birthday.
earnI get $12 an hour.
bring or fetchCan you get that chair for me?
understandDo you get his jokes?
affected by, or catchShe got a cold last month.
catch or takeHe gets the train to home everyday.
communicate withI got him by e-mail.
have a strong effect onHer wise words really got me.
capture or seizeThe police got him at the station.

How to Use Get

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