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5 Best Free Punctuation & Grammar Checker Tools


Whether you are a professional content creator, business owner, researcher or student, you need to write grammatically correct content to get your message across. If your content has a ton of grammatical problems, it may not convey what you want to say. In fact, it can ruin the beauty of your content.

Regardless of why you are writing and the audience you are writing for, you must always correct any grammar and punctuation errors that could make your content a complete disaster. If you do not, you may fail to achieve your goals and regret your choices.

However, not all people, even native writers, have a complete grasp of grammar rules. Sometimes even professional writers make a lot of grammatical mistakes. So how can a person avoid these mistakes and write error-free content? It’s simple. Proofread content using sophisticated punctuation and grammar checking tools.

Many companies have recently developed advanced grammar checkers to meet the different needs of users. These grammar checkers can quickly identify grammatical, spelling and punctuation inconsistencies in content and provide valuable suggestions to help make the text clearer.

In this article, we look at the top five free grammar checkers you can use to proofread and edit your content. Let’s explore them!


GrammarChecker.com has developed an outstanding grammar checker to help all types of writers find and fix grammar problems in their content. This grammar checker is famous for its ability to catch and highlight all the grammatical errors in the content so that writers can easily find and fix their errors.

Its grammar checker is completely free to use for all types of users. Whether you want to use it once or thousands of times to proofread and edit your work, there’s no subscription required.

As well as finding grammar, punctuation and spelling errors, this grammar checker can also find redundancies in your content and help you remove them to make your content look more professional and engaging.


Grammarly is the proofreading companion of choice for writers and students. It uses advanced algorithms to find grammar errors in content and help writers fix them so their content reads and sounds better.

Grammarly also allows users to set goals and receive recommendations based on those goals. This feature helps users get more personalised suggestions based on their formality, domain, intent and audience. It also displays overall accuracy and readability scores so writers can understand whether or not their content is readable and grammatically correct.

Although Grammarly offers limited functionality to free users, it is enough to make content look more professional, clearer and more focused. You can try this tool whenever you want to proofread your content and get rid of any grammar issues. However, if you have the premium version, you can take your copywriting game to the next level.



Scribbr also deserves a place in the top five grammar checkers. In fact, it’s more than just a grammar checker. It’s a complete writing assistant that anyone can use to refine content and avoid big mistakes. With Scribbr’s free grammar checker, you can write content like a pro. If you are a professional writer and need to create blog posts frequently, Scribbr is a must-have in your toolkit.

Scribbr is one of the most efficient grammar checkers, as it can catch almost all grammar and punctuation mistakes that can ruin your content. What’s more, it doesn’t give false positives like many other tools. This makes Scribbr the perfect grammar checker for bloggers and professional writers.

And you don’t need to register to use Scribbr. Whenever you want to proofread and edit your content, just paste it into this great tool and it will find and highlight all the mistakes to polish your work.



If you want to create error-free content, QuillBot is one of the best platforms for you. Many writers and students use QuillBot just for rewriting. However, it has another sophisticated tool that deserves a shout out. And that tool is its grammar checker. QuillBot’s free grammar checker finds not only grammar, punctuation and spelling errors, but also contextual issues.

For example, writers, especially non-native speakers, often get confused between different words and their meanings. So they write words that don’t make sense in context. QuillBot’s grammar checker quickly tracks down these words and suggests the correct ones, so users can quickly correct these errors.

Plus, the grammar checker allows users to fix all errors with a single click. If you don’t have time to review and correct each error individually, use this feature to eliminate all grammar problems.



Sapling is an AI-powered grammar checker that accurately finds grammar issues in the text, helps writers eradicate them, and creates understandable and clear content. It’s one of the most underrated grammar checkers, as it sometimes traces the grammar issues that Grammarly Premium fails to locate.

This grammar checker was developed by researchers from multiple well-known institutions, including Google, Berkeley, and Stanford. This free tool is available for all users who want to write fluent and flawless content to leave an extraordinary impression on their readers.

Sapling also offers a Pro version that can improve content delivery and clarity. Moreover, unlike Grammarly and many other grammar checkers, this platform supports some other languages as well, including Italian, French, Japanese, Dutch, etc.


Final Words

Ultimately, using a grammar checker to fix grammar, spelling and punctuation issues is a must for all writers, students, bloggers and other professionals before submitting or publishing their work. It can help them improve readability and bring perfection to the text. In this article, we have talked about five of the best grammar checkers that anyone can use to produce error-free and clear writing. We hope you find them as useful as we do.

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