20+ most hilarious English fails ever. I’m still laughing hard at #5

English is one of the hardest language to learn. There are many rules and many more exceptions to those rules.

Check these “cute” English fails mostly created by poor translations.

1.The grass is smiling

2.Explains too much maybe?!

3.Glass ladder

4.Green Breans

5.Hand Grenade

6.Urinate beef boll

7.Better don’t grab!

8.Well, election maybe?

9.Let me get my drink first

10.Other guests and sleeping wildlife 

11.Looks suspicious though

12.You mean ladies right?

13.It is a trap!

14.Before peying


16. BOSS: Anything that comes to your mind in English, just say it!

17.Famous director Spilberg

18.And rest in peace

19.Nice to know it

20.Sounds cool

Extra: Definitely not a vegetarian!

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