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English Speaking Topics (PDF Download)


In this article, we’ll explore a variety of simple and interesting English speaking topics designed for you. Each conversation topic comes with simple questions to get you started. There’s no need to worry about complicated words or confusing grammar rules. English conversation topics divided into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced to help you get started practising.

We’ve handpicked conversation topics that are easy to understand and talk about. From talking about your family to discussing your favorite foods, these topics are like stepping stones, guiding you through the wonderful world of English conversation.

So, are you ready to dive into the world of English conversation? Let’s get started! Whether you’re learning at home, in a classroom, or with friends, these topics are here to make your English journey enjoyable and rewarding. You can download free English Speaking Topics PDF at the end of this article.


English Conversation Topics

A1 (Beginner) Level:

  • Introduce Yourself
  • Describe Your Hobbies
  • Talk About Your Family
  • Discuss Your Favorite Food
  • Describe Your Daily Routine
  • Talk About Your Pet
  • Share Your Favorite Color
  • Discuss Your Favorite Movie or TV Show
  • Describe Your Best Friend
  • Talk About Your School or Workplace


B1 (Intermediate) Level:

  • Discuss Your Last Vacation
  • Share Your Future Goals
  • Describe a Memorable Event in Your Life
  • Talk About a Book You Recently Read
  • Discuss the Importance of Learning a Second Language
  • Describe Your Dream Job
  • Discuss the Impact of Technology on Society
  • Share Your Opinion on Social Media
  • Talk About a Challenge You Overcame
  • Discuss the Benefits of Exercise


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C1 (Advanced) Level:

  • Debate the Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence
  • Discuss Climate Change and Environmental Issues
  • Share Your Views on Globalization
  • Analyze the Influence of Social Media on Society
  • Discuss the Role of Education in Shaping the Future
  • Debate the Ethics of Genetic Engineering
  • Talk About the Impact of Literature on Society
  • Discuss the Role of Women in Leadership
  • Analyze the Effects of Mass Media on Culture
  • Debate the Importance of Cultural Diversity
English Speaking Topics PDF
English Speaking Topics PDF – download
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