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Frequently Used Opposite Words List & PDF 📋


Antonym or opposite words?

Antonym derived from Greek which means ‘anti’ or ‘opposite’ and ‘onoma’ meaning names. So it means opposite names! Antonyms are two words or group of words that has opposite meaning, such as tall/short, cheap/expensive, love/hate etc. Some of the antonyms are very obvious like tall/short, ugly/beautiful and you can turn many other words into antonyms by using prefixes ‘un’, ‘non’, ‘in’. Example: done/undone, fat/nonfat, correct/incorrect etc…

In this lesson we will look in to English antonyms shortly and you can also download most used English opposite words, verbs and adjectives list down below.

There are 3 kind of antonyms:
1. Gradable antonyms – example: friendly-unfriendly / hot -cold. / wet-dry. / interesting-boring.
2. Complenmentary antonyms – example: off-on. / night-day. / entrance-exit. / exterior-interior. / true-false.
3. Converse antonyms – example: near-far / down-up

Basic Opposite Words in English

NeverAlwaysHuge Tiny
LateEarlyNormal Strange
LessMoreLittle Much
MaleFemaleIn Out
HappinessSadnessHot Cold
FastSlowSoft Hard
OldYoungStop Move
BoyGirlBegin Finish
UpDownVisible Invisible
LeftRightAlive Death
RichPoorNorth South
LoveHateClever Stupid
InsideOutsideBefore After
BadGoodSweet Sour
ShortTallIncrease Reduce
CloseOpenChild Adult
ManWomanBrief Long
DifficultEasyOn Off
FullEmptyAmateur Professional
LetForbitLiquid Solid
DimBrightBorrow Lend
MeltFreezeAlly Enemy
RegularIrregularStart Finish
AwakeAsleepNatural Artificial
CombineSeperateThick Thin
WideNarrowWet Dry
HeavyLightFar Near
DeepSwallowSerious Funny
SafeDangerousSunny Cloudy
TotalPartialCheap Expensive
HereThereInteresting Boring
TightLooseUseful Useless
TopBottomHuge Tiny
UnityDivisionVisitor Host
SingleMarriedSister Brother
SmoothRoughSit Stand
SpecialGeneralSuburb Centre
SummerWinterSupporter Opponent
TeachLearnMajor Minor
MaximumMinimumMess Order
ModernAncientNarrow Broad
NoisyQuietNot yet Ready
OtherSamePeace War
PoliteRudePoverty Wealth
PrettyUglyPublic Private
AskReplyRemember Forget
HighLowHumid Dry
IncludeExcludeJunior Senior

Antonyms PDF List

Opposite words will make it easier to memorize more words in English for different situations. Check our more detailed opposite adjectives and opposite verbs list down below.

  Antonyms List PDF – download

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