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What is English B1 Level? Writing and Essay Ideas & Examples


English Levels consist of 6 English levels in total. These levels are; A1 and A2 (Basic User), B1 and B2 (Independent User), C1 and C2 (Proficient User). This code system is created by The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR).

English level B1 is the first level in the independent user level group. It indicates that the knowledge of English is at an intermediate level. If it is explained in general terms, “as an English learning level, people who have received an average of 200 lessons in the English course and can speak English at an intermediate level” can now switch to B1 level. At this level in English you easily could be able to communicate about common topics such as culture, work, social events and leisure with the four skills of English, Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing.

With the B1 level of English, you can meet all your needs during your travels abroad, communicate on familiar topics and make new friendships. Your ability to understand English at B1 level is higher than at A2 level and you can speak at an intermediate level. Usually in speaking, you express yourself with short and repetitive sentences instead of long and complex sentences.


How Do You Know If You Are at B1 Level in English?

The best way to understand your English level is to take a test. You can measure your English level with exams such as TOEFL and IELTS.

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) are likely the best and most commonly known English proficiency tests. They are widely accepted by American universities too.

You can also check your English level here and your test your English skills here.

English B1 Level Subjects

In order to get a B1 level in English you need to learn these subjects.

present simplepresent progressive
stative verbsadverbs of frequency
past simplepast progressive
prepositions of timepresent perfect simple
present perfect progressivecomparisons
future will / going tofuture progressive
future perfectmust / have to / need
defining and non-defining relative clauseszero, 1st and 2nd conditionals
articlespast perfect simple
past perfect progressivetime linkers
had better, would rathershould + present and perfect infinitive
may,might,could,must,can’t,couldn’tpresent and perfect infinitive
clauses of concessionpassive voice 1
present participleparticiple clauses
infinitives and -ing formspassive voice 2
causativeinfinitive of purpose, for + ing form
reported speechwishes and unreal pst
clauses of result3rd conditional
wishes in the past


B1 Level Paragraph Writing Sample

Topic: What are the consequences of traffic congestion?

Suggested ideas for this topic:

-frustrating time
-frustrated drivers
-road rage
-increasing fuel consumption costs
-increasing amount of CO2 emission
-increasing air pollution

Paragraph Sample

There are lots of vehicles everywhere and the number of cars in big cities is increasing. This causes serious traffic congestion. Traffic congestion can have some negative effects not only on drivers but also on the people who live in cities. First of all, due to traffic jams, lots of people are late to their work. Therefore, they can’t start their work on time. For example, the people who work for big companies can be late. When people can’t finish their job on time, they have to stay in their office longer. This limits their free time so they feel unhappy. Secondly, the cars which are stuck in traffic jams cause air pollution. This air pollution has negative effects not only on nature but also on people who live in cities. Air pollution causes serious health problems. Finally, traffic congestion causes people to feel angry so some people can make dangerous things. To give an example, they can argue and fight with other drivers in traffic jams. Briefly, traffic congestion has negative effects on people’s psychology.

B1 Level Writing and Essay Ideas

Ideas for how do you write an opinion for B1 essay.


Essay 1: Social Networking Websites

Subject: These days most young people spend a lot of time on social network sites. Do you think this is a good thing or not? Write an essay about the good and bad sides of social media websites!

In your essay you should:
• introduce the subject
• present arguments in favour of and against using social media sites
• write about your own habits concerning social networking

Your essay should be about 300 words long !


Essay 2: School and Part-Time Work

Subject: Many students work part-time while they are still at school or get a job in their summer holidays. What are the arguments for and against working and going to school at the same time?

Write an essay in which you
• state the advantages and disadvantages
• describe jobs you would work in if you had the opportunity
• explain how working at an early age can affect your future life

Your essay should be about 300 words long !


Essay 3: Discrimination of Women

Subject: On Women’s Day, a famous American feminist visited your school. Your English teacher has asked you to express your opinion on today’s situation of women in an essay:
“Although the position of women in society today has improved, there is still a great deal of discrimination. Do you agree?”
In your essay you should:

• evaluate which disadvantages working women face
• judge if a woman’s position in society has improved over the years
• analyse whether discrimination is still a problem today.

Write an essay of about 300 words and give it a title.


Essay 3: Home By Ten ?

An American magazine is running an essay competition about rules teenagers have to follow. As a teenager you are used to hearing your parents say: “Be home by ten.” So, you have decided to send in an essay.

In your essay you should:
• compare what you and your friends are allowed to do.
• argue whether 10 p.m. is too early for teenagers to come home.
• discuss the legal situation in your country.
• comment on why some parents give their children strict guidelines on when to come home.

Write about 300 words and give your essay a title!


Essay 4: Becoming Happy By Helping Others

Subject: A youth magazine is planning an essay competition on happiness. You decide to take part in the competition. It wants you to write about the following statement: “The only way to happiness is by helping other people.”

In your essay you should
• analyse the reasons for helping other people.
• give examples
• express your opinion on why it can make you happy

Write an essay of about 250 – 300 words and give your essay a title.


Essay 5: Immigrants In A New Country

Subject: A magazine is planning to publish a special section on immigration. It has asked readers to send in their opinions on the problems that immigrants have in their new country. You have decided to take part and send in an essay.

• why people want to leave their home country
• the kind of life immigrants leave behind
• the problems that they face in their new country
• how long it may take them to fit in with their new environment

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