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100+ Ways to Say “LOOK” in English (Synonyms)


Enrich your English writings, stories, novels with these 100+ other ways to say “look” synonym list.

A to C
admire, analyze, appraise, assess, audit, beam, behold, blink, bore, browse, canvass, compare, catch a glimpse of, catch sight of, check out, consider, contemplate, criticize, cross-examine

D to F
dig into, eagle-eye, evaluate, examine, explore, eye, eyeball, feast one’s eyes, ferret, fix, flash, flirt with, focus on, follow, frisk over

gander, gape, gawk, gawp, gaze, get a load of, give the once-over, glance, glare, glimmer, glimpse, gloat, glower, go through, goggle, grade, grill

Other Ways to Say LOOK

H to O
hunt, inspect, interrogate, investigate, judge, lamp, lay eyes on, leaf through, leer, make eyes, make out, measure, monitor, moon, note, observe, ogle, outstare

P to R
pay attention to, peek, peer, peg, penetrate, perceive, peruse, pierce, pin, ponder, pore over, probe, pry, pump, question, quiz, rake, read, reconnoiter, regard, review, riffle, rivet, rubberneck

S and T
scan, scope, scout, scrutinize, search, see, sift, sight, size up, skim, spot, spy, squint, stalk, stare, study, surveil, survey, sweep, tackle, take a gander, take in, take notice, take stock of, track

V to Z
view, watch, weigh, wink, winnow, witness, zero in

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