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How to Write a Good Resume or CV in English (updated 2023) 👔


Are you one of those who say that writing a good resume or CV in English is not easy? Or you are thinking how to write your resume or CV in English ?

In fact, writing a CV may not be as challenging as you think. On this article, you can learn what you should and should not do while writing an English CV. In addition, we made your job a little easier by including phrases that can help you while writing a CV in English and how to find free resume CV templates online.

CV, which is the abbreviation of Curriculum Vitae, means “course of life”. Both words are of Latin origin and Curriculum means loop; Vitae is used for life.

Resume and CVs are often written on job applications, so people can introduce themselves to their employers. The more effective CVs you have, the more likely you are to introduce yourself and be accepted for the job.

We cannot say that there are strict rules for writing a CV in English. However, it is a fact that there are some points that should be included in everyone’s CV and some should be avoided.

Tips for Writing a Good Resume or CV in English

Here you can get some simple ideas and tips for a good resume:

1. The number of pages for an ideal CV is two. More than 3 pages is too long and boring.

2. The information on the first half of the first page always attracts more attention. Therefore, if there is something you want to specifically mention, be sure to put it to the first half of the page.

3. Do not forget to leave a space between headings.

4. Use classic fonts such as Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman, with 11 or 12 points.

5. Avoid making grammatical and spelling mistakes. Better check your CV over and over again or have it checked by someone else before submitting it.

How to Write a Good resume

A Good Resume or CV Should Include:

Personal details:

• Name, Surname
• Date of birth (optional)
• Nationality (optional)
• Address
• Contact Phone & Email etc.

When writing personal information, names of your children, your religion, blood type, marital status etc. such details should not be entered. You can save more space by keeping your personal information short.


Educational Background

• 2017 – 2020 Yale University – Business
• 2012 – 2016 Morgale Collage

Work Experiences

In this part, which we can also call Career summary or Career history, previous work experiences are written. You should list your previous job experiences, descriptions and job skills.

Word choices are very important in this section. When you describe your work experiences, make sure you are clear and easy to understand. Use simple words but don’t be bold!

Some words that can be used when making a job description:

•Effective communication
•Fair distribution
•Achieve a goal
•Problem solving ability
•Lead a project
•Business plan
•Team working

Interests & Hobbies

Try to write different things other than reading books, watching movies. Make it personal and interesting as much as you can.

For example instead of writing “I like reading books” you can say “I am interested in Spanish poetry. My favorite poets are Pablo Neruda and Garcia Lorca.”


In this section, you can talk about your language skills and computer knowledge. Do you have some other useful skills? Mention them in this section.

•Fluent in both written and spoken Spanish.
•Learner of Turkish
•Guitar player
•Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs


It will usually be enough to give 2 or 3 references.

References can be taken from university professors, places of internship or workplaces previously worked.


Make sure that the CV is clear and brief. Write your sentences clearly and be specific. People will read your CV may not have as much time as you think. Not all resumes and CVs are reviewed for hours. Good luck!

Where to Find Free Online Resume CV Templates

If you want to create and download free online resume & CV templates, examples, you may want to check these awesome Google Document resume templates.

Go Google Documents – click Template gallery – Pick a template and fill your information – File – Download (Available formats PDF, epub, docx, rtf, txt )

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