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Travel Holiday Phrasal Verbs ✈️


Here is list of common travel / holiday phrasal verbs and expressions that you can use when you are taking a trip or travelling to another city, country etc… Enrich your conversation with these phrasal verbs about travelling.

Book into

Meaning: Arrange to stay somewhere (hotel, guesthouse…)
Example: The agency booked us into a hotel.

Check in

Meaning: Arrive and register at a hotel or airport.
Example: You must check in two hours before departure.

Check out

Meaning: Leave a hotel after paying.
Example: We checked out at 10 a.m.

Drop off

Meaning: Take someone somewhere (by car).
Example: Jack dropped me off at the station.

Get away

Meaning: Escape (e.g. from work) for a break or holiday.
Example: I hope to get away for a few days soon.

Get in

Meaning: Arrive
Example: What time does your flight get in?

Get on/off

Meaning: Board/leave a bus, train, plane.
Example: I must get on/off at the next stop.

Hop on/off (informal)

Meaning: Get on or off a bus, train etc.
Example: With a one-day ticket you can hop on and off as you like.

Pack in

Meaning: Manage to do a lot of things.
Example: We packed in a lot during our trip.

See off

Meaning: Accompany to the station or the airport to say goodbye.
Example: My sister came to see me off.

Set off/out

Meaning: Start a journey.
Example: It’s a long trip so we’ll set off early.
Example: They are going to set out on a European tour next month.

Stay on

Meaning: Stay longer than intended.
Example: The hotel was so nice we decided to stay on for a few days.

Stop over

Meaning: Stay at a place on the way to somewhere else.
Example: We stopped over in Singapore on the way to Australia.

Take in

Meaning: Include visits of interest.
Example: We managed to take in all the sights during our trip.

Take off

Meaning: Leave the ground/start to fly.
Example: The plane took off on time.

Turn back

Meaning: Return towards the place you left.
Example: The plane had to turn back because of technical problems.

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